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    Posted on Jan 13, 2014

    21 People Who Are Secretly Poetic Geniuses

    Move over, Shakespeare. These people are true wordsmiths.

    1. These modern-day bards have left a permanent mark on the poetic landscape.

    2. They address the human body in a tender, loving manner.

    3. And always with the greatest reverence.

    4. They tackle taboo subjects fearlessly.

    5. These poets speak of human interconnectedness.

    6. They speak to the interests and desires of their readers.

    7. And yet they always remain introspective and focused on their personal thoughts.

    8. How tremendous their use of descriptive language.

    9. How carefully they have chosen their words.

    "lonely Egg successfully rented a house"

    10. Look at how deftly this troubadour approaches the topic of sexuality.

    11. Gaze with wonderment upon the stunning usage of metaphor.

    12. Conventional rhyme schemes are thrown aside.

    13. And gender norms are boldly explored.

    14. These poets do not shy away from romance.

    15. Nor from the poignant cultural critiques that need to be made.

    16. These poets show that collaboration can bring about true art.

    17. Their creativity cannot be stifled.

    "They paint the walls to stop my pen but the shit house poet strikes again."

    18. And they are always willing to suffer for their art.

    19. Even Tim Burton has a wordsmith deep inside.

    That wordsmith is Johnny Depp.

    20. Above all, they make no apologies for their craft.

    21. And because of them, poetry will never be the same.

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