22 People Who Will Make You Reassess Your Life Decisions

They know how to handle their priorities.

1. This guy who knows a good Whopper is the best medicine.

2. Anyone who needs candles THIS badly.

Seriously, why I am not spending $3,600 on candles right now?

3. Anyone who knows what truly makes a home.

4. Anyone getting such good use out of their fridge.

5. This kid who really knows the value of chilled sneakers.

6. Anyone with a paper due tomorrow.

7. This kid who knows the true importance of reading.

8. This kid who totally understands the importance of going viral.

9. Whoever needs their Cheetos THIS badly.

10. Anyone who recognizes the equal importance of medical emergencies and free food.

11. Anyone who knows exactly how important the internet is.

12. Adam, because grammar should always be your number one concern.

13. This man who knows who really needs to be on a leash.

14. This girl who knows there’s no point of emergency treatment if you don’t look good getting it.

15. Anyone who does their dishes like this.

16. Anyone who blocks off two hours of puppy time daily.

17. This kid who totally knows what to ask for if he ever meets a genie.

18. This kid who really needs somewhere to eat his bananas.

19. Michael, who gets all of his pleasure from YouTube.

20. Walt Jr., who places a hearty breakfast above EVERYTHING else.

21. CNN, because those damn bags are REALLY annoying and need to be exposed.

Finally a news source that has their priorities in order. cc- @Didochka @MehcadBrooks @ThomasSadoski @billmaher

— Christina Ochoa (@christina_ochoa)

Christina Ochoa


Finally a news source that has their priorities in order. cc- @Didochka @MehcadBrooks @ThomasSadoski @billmaher

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