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    27 Of The Most Concerning Questions Of All Time

    You really had to ask that?

    1. Ah, what a keen grasp of technology.

    2. I think you answered your own question.

    3. I should hope not.

    Spike / Via

    4. Actually, only strawberry.

    5. It does burn calories, I guess.

    6. You know, that one.

    7. You have to water it every day.

    8. Well, how?

    9. Nope, the kangaroos don't like it.

    10. Uh.

    11. How generous of him.

    12. Who knows what's down there?

    13. Well, do they?

    14. Yeah, maybe just don't do that.

    15. Actually, Sweden.

    16. The great turtle-orange juice disease needs to be more highly publicized.

    17. Almost certainly.

    18. How much smaller, though?

    19. Don't trust the government.

    20. All of them. In mines. Every single one.

    21. That's exactly how it works.

    22. Solid understanding of geography.

    23. And will they judge you?

    24. Basic anatomy right here.

    25. Should I pack an overnight bag for the trip?

    26. Only brie and gouda.

    27. And, of course:

    Paramount Pictures / Via

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