22 People Who Need Their Spelling Privileges Revoked

Hey, if you’re running Aarons at the supermarket later, can you pick me up some Synonym Toast Crunch?

1. Lactose intolerant

Well… I’m glad you’re tolerant of people whose feet differ from your own, I guess.

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

I, too, am about to masticate some browned-bread munch cereal.

3. Running errands

EpicStockMedia / shutterstock.com / Via Twitter: @search

Those damn Aarons just won’t slow down. They won’t even jog!

4. Past tense

“You see those tents down there? You want to head over that way, walk past the tents, then turn right.”

5. Reason

Ugh, HATE when my parents get so angry over the lack of raisins.

6. Fulfill

Perhaps start by learning how to spell fulfill.

7. Self-esteem

Pavel Kirichenko / shutterstock.com / Via Twitter: @hollie_riggs

If you have turned into the gaseous state of water, perhaps you have bigger problems than just spelling.

8. C-section

Although it would be pretty cool to be born in the middle of the ocean.

9. Faux pas

Nickolay Stanev / shutterstock.com / Via Twitter: @katmarlew

Tbh I agree about the camo pants thing.

10. Cannonballs

Jumping into pools > being murdered and eaten.

11. Hygiene

If you don’t have the high gene in your DNA, nothing happens when you smoke marijuana. #truesciencefacts.

12. Hors d’oeuvres

Costco without hors d’oeuvres is a tragedy, though.

13. Patent leather

“Pat” is the hot new material that all of the top fashion designers are using these days. Everyone who’s anyone knows that.

14. Overseas

Yes, making money is better than just seizing it from other people.

15. Illuminati

Mark Davis / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @princess_bender

WAKE UP SHEEPLE: The aluminum industry runs the world.

16. Sour Patch Kids

Flickr: faceinthecrowd / Creative Commons / Via Twitter: @search

So sour, you can’t even bear to spell the word correctly.

17. Genre

Antonio Gravante / shutterstock.com / Via Twitter: @TwinAnotTwinB

Jon Ra is in a music category all his own.

18. Gentle

Yeah… I don’t think your genitals are able to speak.

19. Chauffeur

Hopefully your dad is showing off faux fur and not the real stuff.

20. Hypocrites

MartinMaritz / shutterstock.com / Via Twitter: @search

God, hippos are the worst, always saying one thing and doing another.

21. Stupid

Robyn Mackenzie / shutterstock.com / Via Twitter: @aminakxo

The irony is almost as thick as the stock being used for that stew.

22. Free as a bird

Eugenio Marongiu / shutterstock.com / Via carfreitag.soup.io

Although this one might not be a typo, tbh. #freebeards

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