26 People Who Made The Best Of An Unfortunate Situation

    When life gives you lemons...

    1. This person who took a boring algebra lesson and turned it into the perfect Snapchat.

    2. This girl who ran out of clean clothes but wouldn't let it cripple her style.

    3. Anyone this resourceful in the face of a bloody nose.

    4. This woman who won't let a tiny hand hold her back.

    5. This guy who wouldn't let the lack of a mirror keep him from taking a fierce selfie.

    6. This lady who had no one to eat with, so she brought Pikachu along.

    7. This guy who won't let his old-school computer setup hold him back.

    8. This guy who turned an excess of Christmas ornaments into an awesome hairstyle.

    9. This woman who has no room in her pockets but figured out a way to get some extra storage.

    10. This person who saw an opportunity to try out his new water suction system.

    11. This guy who won't let a garbage can stop him from becoming a rock star.

    12. Anyone who won't let their limited mobility keep them from walking the dog.

    13. Anyone who won't let a stomachache get in the way of having a good time.

    14. This guy who got a pumpkin stuck on his head and decided to just roll with it.

    15. Anyone who won't let a wrong number keep them from sharing their love of dogs.

    16. This lady making sure the truth comes out in the face of these baseless accusations.

    17. This sloth who figured out a way to get across town in time for his meeting.

    18. This girl who at least found a way to get her cone to stand upright on its own.

    19. This cat who turned a moment of pure derpitude into the smoothest come on of all time.

    20. Nickelback fans using the government shutdown to try to increase the band's popularity.

    21. This guy who found a way to make a Porta-Potty a comfy place to chill.

    22. Any student who won't let a stomach bug get in the way of studying for midterms.

    23. Whoever had to get rid of old furniture and used the opportunity to break out some sweet puns.

    24. Whoever broke their lock but still figured out a way to keep their valuables safe.

    25. This guy who lost his clothes but still found a way to cover up.

    26. And this kid who turned an accidental glitter spill into the most dazzling hairstyle of all time.