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21 Reasons We All Need To Bow Down At The Altar Of Peggy Olson

Who cares about Sterling Cooper when you've got OLSON.

1. Because she has no tolerance for sexism.

2. And refuses to accept social conventions that dismiss women's agency.

3. Because she refuses to let other people use her.

4. Because she is the QUEEN of multitasking.

5. Because she's not about to just let other people walk all over her.

6. And can throw looks like THIS when you try to disrespect her.

7. She knows exactly what she wants.

8. And she knows how to drive a hard bargain to get it.

9. Because she has dance moves like this.

10. And knows how to have a little fun when the time calls for it.

11. Or a lot of fun, depending on her mood.

12. Because she's quick on her feet.

13. And has no qualms about telling Don off.

14. Because she isn't afraid to stand out.

15. And she always looks SO DAMN EFFORTLESSLY COOL.

16. Because if she's good enough for Zosia Mamet('s character), who are we to spurn her?

17. Because she's not afraid to own her sexuality.

18. And she WILL call you on your bluff if you try make her feel uncomfortable about her body.

19. Because she is the pinnacle of grace.

20. While at the same time being the biggest badass around.

21. So wherever you're going, Peggy, just know — we will follow.