12 Times You Wish Your Life Were Like "The Sims"

*Sees empty bank account.* *Tries to use motherlode.*

1. The Sims: If you’re running low on cash, just enter “rosebud” or “motherlode” a few times and you’ll be all set.

Electronic Arts / Via youtube.com

Real life: You are broke. So broke.

2. The Sims: You can have basically anyone fall in love with you within 24 hours.

Electronic Arts / Via flamingno.tumblr.com

“Flirt.” “Dance.” “Flirt.” Oh hey, we’re in love!

Real life: You awkwardly chat with strangers at the bar every weekend, only to remain single as fuck when all is said and done.

3. The Sims: You don’t even have to interact with other people to improve your people skills.

Electronic Arts / Via thedailytouch.com

Real life: lol what are people skills?

The CW / Via autostraddle.com

4. The Sims: Even if you’re a bad chef, you’ve got a bunch of recipes at your disposal. And you NEVER have to go grocery shopping.

Electronic Arts / Via modthesims.info

Baked Alaska? Don’t mind if I do.

Real life: Cooking is fucking difficult.

Fox / Via just-eat.co.uk

5. The Sims: Changing your hairstyle is as easy as stepping in front of a mirror.

Electronic Arts / Via forum.thesims3.com

Real life: That hair’s not magically growing back if you screw something up.

HBO / Via complex.com

6. The Sims: Designing and redesigning are no big deal.

Electronic Arts / Via simsvip.com

Real life: Even just trying to switch out your couch is a huge, painful process.


7. The Sims: Proportionally, you spend more time in college than basically any other phase of life.

Electronic Arts / Via introvertedness.wordpress.com

Real life: Ugh whyyy is college so short?

NBC / Via mrwgifs.com

8. The Sims: Giving birth requires clutching your stomach, then just having a baby magically appear in a shower of sparks.

Electronic Arts / Via youtube.com

And you don’t even need to go to the hospital.

Real life: PAIN. SO MUCH.

Fox Searchlight / Via moms.popsugar.com

9. The Sims: Hop on any workout machine for a couple hours and your body will magically shed those extra pounds.

Electronic Arts / Via youtube.com

Real life: Ten minutes of exercise is about all you can do before wanting to pass out.

Five jumping jacks is enough for one day, right?

10. The Sims: Cool creatures like aliens and vampires co-exist with the rest of the population.

Electronic Arts / Via missbubbles1321.livejournal.com

Real life: This is as close to an alien as you’re going to get.

11. The Sims: Even if you have to start at the bottom, getting a job in almost any career field is super easy.

Electronic Arts / Via thedailytouch.com

Real life: No matter how many times you send out your resume, that job just isn’t happening.

12. The Sims: If you practice, you can become a master painter, musician, etc.

Real life: You can practice all you want, but you’ll never be Da Vinci.

Warner Bros. / Via youtube.com

But hey, at least we can figure out how to get out of the pool without a stepladder.

Electronic Arts / Via momofjenmatt.xanga.com

RIP Sims.

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