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17 Hilariously Inappropriate Movie Marquees

Wait, what did the Fantastic Four do?

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1. Don't judge the penguins. They chose celibacy.

2. Can't believe Julia Roberts would sign on to a movie like this.

3. Suck their blood, right? This is about blood?

4. Whispers: *Psst. Just do it. All the cool kids are doing it. Come on.*

5. Pick a side, guys.

6. The first in a series of unfortunate pregnancies.

7. Um, I think you can only get knocked up once every nine months?

8. Definitely not genetically possible, but just go with it.

9. All of them at once?

10. Come on, guys. Someone needs to teach movie characters about contraception.

11. No please just don't do this please no it's not ok.

12. wighfjsldkgwhsknsd nooooooooooo

13. Crocodile Dundee is really getting around, apparently.

14. Points for historical accuracy.

15. You probably shouldn't announce your crimes ahead of time.

16. Tbh would watch just to see how it works.

17. Literally how did this even happen. Marquee makers: GET IT TOGETHER.

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