21 Pictures That Prove That Moms Know Everything

    She's been telling you for years, and it's totally true: Mother knows best.

    1. First of all, moms are super resourceful. This mom doesn't need water to enjoy her kayak.

    2. And they always know how to make the most out of a good deal.

    3. Naturally, moms know how to make sure you're getting all the nutrients you need.

    4. And they will never stop educating you, even as you climb the ladder of academia.

    5. For example, they'll make sure you learn the importance of telling the truth in any situation.

    6. Plus, they have the most perfect ways to help calm your nerves in times of pressure.

    7. No matter what ails you, you can be sure that your mom knows EXACTLY how to make it better.

    8. And if you're having social issues, they know exactly how to make you the most popular kid around.

    9. Moms are super savvy when it comes to getting you to do your chores.

    10. And they aren't afraid to keep you in line when you start getting too dependent on technology.

    11. So when she asks you to do something, you do it — because she's way too smart to deal with your bullshit.

    12. Moms are also some of the greatest improvisers on the planet.

    13. This mom, for example, brilliantly improvised a way to help people tell her quadruplets apart.

    14. This mom couldn't figure out how to take a screenshot on her phone, but, like all moms, she was crafty enough to figure out a workaround.

    15. Also, moms are total geniuses when it comes to construction.

    16. And, naturally, a mom's intelligence is rivaled only by her unparalleled artistic abilities.

    17. Because, of course, moms understand the importance of following instructions exactly to the letter.

    18. At the same time, moms know how to have some clever fun at your expense — like when this mom pranked her kids.

    19. And they always know the perfect way to respond to a wrong number.

    20. Most importantly, no matter what, moms know the power of being supportive when their children need it most.

    21. (Oh, and all those secrets you think you've hid from her over the years? Yeah, she knows them all, too.)