Miley Cyrus Pretended To Go Down On A Fake Bill Clinton To Kick Off Her New Tour

So…um…that’s a thing.

1. Miley’s Bangerz Tour opened in Vancouver on Friday, and it was basically what you’d expect…Some writhing around on top of cars.

Phillip Chin/Stringer / Getty Images

2. Singing alongside a…diverse…group of backup dancers.

Phillip Chin/Stringer / Getty Images

3. And grabbing her crotch region repeatedly.

Phillip Chin/Stringer / Getty Images

4. The most talked about moment, though, came during a performance of her hit 2009 song “Party in the USA” when Miley brought out a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask.

5. And that’s when this happened.

6. And again in video form.

7. Pretending to have oral sex with Bill Clinton? She’s just being Miley, y’all.

Phillip Chin/Stringer / Getty Images

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