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21 Little Mistakes You Might Not Have Caught In The "Toy Story" Series

Even the greatest kid's trilogy of all time isn't completely perfect. In honor of the first film's anniversary coming up later this month.

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6. Woody's hands can clearly be seen holding the chute in the claw machine while Buzz talks to the aliens, but in the next shot his left hand is now placed on his forehead.


10. After Hamm turns off the TV, neither his nor Rex's reflections are visible in the screen even though you can see the reflection of other objects in the room.


13. Woody and Jessie are able to open a hatch on the plane and climb out while it is moving before takeoff. In reality, this would have triggered an emergency warning and the plane would have stopped.

14. When Andy climbs up to his shelf looking for Woody after returning from camp, all of the clutter seems to disappear when the shot changes to a close up.


15. Given that he had been on a flight to Japan, there is no way that Al could have returned, produced, and aired this commercial in the time frame since Andy returned from camp.

16. When Woody looks longingly at Andy's personal belongings before he leaves for college, there are two concert tickets in the top left corner marked Saturday, Nov. 17, 2009. November 17, 2009 was a Tuesday.

19. During Buzz's attempted escape soon after the toys get to Sunnyside, we see none of the security measures that are later explained to Woody when he is planning the big escape.

Pixar Animation Studios

Roaming trucks, security cameras - none seem to be present even though they are said to work every single night.

Mistakes found via IMDB and Movie Mistakes.


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