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    Treat Yourself To An Amazing Orgasm, Because These Sex Toys Are On Major Sale For Prime Day

    The only thing better than a luxe sex toy is a SALE on luxe sex toys.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hi yes hello. I bet you thought you'd spend this Prime Day just buying yourself some kitchen products or furniture and other G-rated, boring stuff like that. Well, you totally should because the deals are awesome, but I also think it's time to indulge in some more ~risque~ bargain shopping. That's because fancy sex toy brand Lelo is discounting their amazing products up to 50% (!!!!) for Prime Day!

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    Check out all the deals here, and read on for the ~dirty details~ on some of the great stuff on sale:

    1. 25% off the Sona or Sona Cruise, sonic massagers that use air pulses to stimulate EVERY SINGLE PART of your clit at once — without actually touching it directly.


    They both charge via USB, are waterproof, and have eight settings. Both models are awesome, and the only difference is that the Cruise is updated with a feature called "cruise control" —which means it saves 20% of its power when you're just holding it against you normally, and automatically kicks that extra power into gear when you push it against you hard. That way, the motor stays just as powerful even under pressure. Check out BuzzFeed's full write-up on the Sona and more of the best sex toys you can get on Amazon.

    Promising review: "I'm usually big on super powerful, wand-type vibes that are like jackhammers, as I prefer pressure and deep rumbly vibrations on a large area versus precise clitoral stimulation. The Sona Cruise is definitely precise stimulation, but it's different. Really different. It took me a few tries to find THE SPOT to place it, and it's really weird at times to just let it sit there and do its thing instead of pressing it hard against me like I would with a wand-type vibe, but the orgasms from this thing are UNBELIEVABLE. I'm glad I went with the Cruise model versus the regular Sona, as it has an extra burst of power when I do press it up against me harder, and that helps push me over the edge. I also appreciate that it's small and easier to transport than a larger vibe. This comes with a pouch and could be thrown in my purse and no one would be the wiser." —Wildflower345

    Price: $51.75 for the Sona (originally $69, nice, available in three colors) and $74.25 for the Sona Cruise (originally $99, available in three colors)

    2. 50% off the Billy, a vibe specially shaped for prostate stimulation that's here to give you the best orgasm you could ever ass-k for.


    It's waterproof, rechargeable (a two-hour charge gets you four hours of play), and has five vibration settings! Also check our roundup of more awesome waterproof sex toys.

    Promising review: "Great product. High-end design and feel. It has a nice variety of speeds and vibrations that'll allow you to customize the experience to your own preferences. I use it once a week (or more) to stimulate the prostate. It gives me mind blowing orgasms with it and even for several days after (without it).

    Highly recommend it." —Jeff Swanson

    Price: $69.50 (originally $139)

    3. 25% off the Mia 2, aka your ideal travel companion. It's quiet, can be charged without a cord, and is only slightly larger than a lipstick. Best of all? It won't try to talk to you during a flight when you're clearly trying to read.


    It has six different vibration patterns and is waterproof!

    Promising review: "We are an older couple and use this as a couple's toy. As a guy, I actually prefer the Mia to our larger Lelo Gigi, since it's much easier to use on my wife while we're face-to-face kissing. Since it's just a bit larger than my fingers, smoothly contoured all the way around, and waterproof, I can use it like an extension of of my hand rather than as another limb. Although it works best as a clitoral vibrator, it is just long enough to reach in to the G-spot (although you might lose it in there once or twice, since it does get quite slippery). Since it's usable all the way around and has more power at one end than the other, you can create your own patterns just by flipping it. And as for the all-important partner, the Mrs. gives it a wholehearted thumbs up in both words and actions. It plugs into any USB port or phone charger, which is convenient. For travel, it looks like a stylish makeup applicator, so I imagine it won't become embarrassing at a bag check. And it's small, so it's not like taking another appliance along." —Petezny

    Price: $63.68 (originally $84.90, available in three colors)

    4. 25% off the brand's signature, ultra-thin, hexagon-textured condoms, because nothing is sexier than safety, people!!!


    They've got an easy-open wrapper, too, which you know will come in handy when things are hot and heavy.

    Promising review: "I've never experienced a tear with these condoms. They feel like nothing is there. I know nothing is as great as 'bare bones,' but we've tried many and these get the closest! They also fit amazingly. They aren't pre-shaped, so they hug you where you need it. 😉 Worth the money. Definitely." —Monica

    Price: $14.93 for a box of 12 (originally $19.90)

    5. 30% off the Elise 2, a classic vibe that packs such a punch, you'll be ~coming~ back to it again and again.


    It's waterproof and has eight settings!

    Promising review: "All I can say is WOW!! I had no idea a massager of this quality, strength of vibration, and variability of modes even existed. It's truly an incredible and fun experience and I highly recommend it. Its rechargeable, has a perfect-size, large girth, and it's great fun trying and alternating between the vibration modes. I would call this a high-class item, as it arrives packaged in a beautiful box, has a silky black storage bag, and is made of the smoothest high-quality material." —takeeta

    Price: $139.30 (originally $199, available in three colors)

    6. 30% off the Smart Wand, which not only has eight vibration settings but also senses when it's in contact with your body and has the vibration increase to create a tantalizing build-up.

    It's also waterproof!

    Promising review: "This is an excellent addition to any adult toy collection. For my wife and I, it's the main toy. She gets great orgasms from it and it satisfies intensely. The texture is very soft and silky and very comfortable to the touch. We've charged it once since we got it and it's still going strong. The vibration is strong and different, not like the Hitachi wand. Its vibration is not fast, but more intense. The fact that it's rechargeable (thus making it cordless) is great and prevents clutter when using it. The smart feature is very fun — pretty much the more contact you make with the desired area, the more intense the vibration. " —Charles Perez

    Price: $146.30 (originally $209, available in three colors)

    7. 25% off the Hugo, a super luxe prostate massager with a remote that can be used by yourself or by your partner who's super anal about being in control.


    But really, this thing is cool, no butts about it. It has eight settings, is USB-rechargeable, and has two motors for super powerful internal and external stimulation. The remote is amazingly high-tech — you can control it the usual way with buttons to adjust the settings, or you can set it to one of two SenseMotion settings, which allow you to increase the vibration just by moving the remote up and down or tilting it. Plus, the remote also vibrates so your partner knows exactly what's happening in your back door.

    Promising review: "I have other toys that I use, but this is my first vibrating prostate massager. The first few times I tried it I wasn't in a good position, so it wasn't hitting the area right. But yesterday I took time to relax and get in the mood, and this thing was amazing once I found a good position. I can honestly say this is the only toy that has actually made me scream when I finished because it was so intense. I definitely recommend, but give it time to find how it will work best for you." —CrazyConri

    Price: $164.25 (originally $219, available in three colors)

    8. 25% off the Nea 2, a downright pretty external massager with eight awesome settings. Your vagina would like you to know that if you buy one thing on Prime Day, this should be ~clit~.


    It's USB-rechargeable!

    Promising review: "This is the best little vibe in the world! This little guy is perfect in every way. It’s small, hides well, and packs a punch! It’s the only thing I've used for the past six years. I can say it holds a charge well and can keep up with my high libido. I would recommend this 1,000,000 times over. It’s perfect by yourself or to enhance intercourse with your partner. This is the third one I’ve bought in the past three years, but this new design seems to be way more durable and is water resistant for easy cleaning. It did take a few times using it to get used to the controls, but it wasn't a big deal." —Melissa C. Heibel

    Price: $74.25 (originally $99, available in three colors)

    9. And finally, 50% off the super luxe Tiani 24k, a remote-control couple's vibe designed to be worn while you're having sex for extra internal and external stimulation. Oh, and did I mention it's embellished with 24k gold, in case you've ever wanted to make your hookups feel a little ~richer~?


    It's got eight settings and remote control with a wireless range of 40 feet and that (like the remote for the Hugo) can be controlled by tilting or moving the remote itself, not just hitting buttons. But it's gonna hit all your buttons, if you know what I mean.

    Promising review: "I'm absolutely in love with the Tiani 24k and so happy to finally have a couple's vibrator. It feels even better knowing my man is enjoying it just as much as I am. The gold plate definitely makes a difference as well, which I was surprised by, and you don't feel any sort of gap between the gold plate and the silicone. This is such a classy vibrator. Easy to use and even easier to climax. Definite five out of five stars!" —ricki kovacevic

    Price: $199.50 (originally $399, available in two colors)

    Check out all the ~exciting~ Lelo Prime Day Deals here!

    Samantha, a post-Prime-Day mood:


    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.