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19 Kids Who Can't Be Trusted To Do Anything Right

Ban children.

1. These kids who can't even perform a goddamn magic trick without causing collateral damage.

2. This kid was supposed to create an insightful poster about germ-prevention techniques. Instead they gave us this.

3. All this kid had to do was open the door politely, but even that was too much.

4. This kid was supposed to find a good place on the beach to relax and instead came up with this brilliant plan.

5. This kid who wouldn't even walk down the aisle in the store properly and had to be carried.

6. These horrendous hide-and-seek players.

7. The kid who can't even summarize Toy Story correctly.

8. The girl who did way more "slip" than "slide."

9. And her similarly aquatically challenged comrade.

10. This girl who can't even sit in a chair, plus drops a perfectly good bowl of food. SMH.

11. The girl who somehow thought that cleanup time involved STICKING HERSELF IN A SHELF.

12. The kid who seriously couldn't even figure out how to fluff up ONE DAMN COUCH PILLOW.

13. The kid who couldn't even make his way up to bat without screwing it all up.

14. This tyke who seriously doesn't even have the ability to play on a playground without getting hurt.

15. This kid who honestly can't even JUST STAY ON THE SWING LIKE SERIOUSLY KID COME ON.

16. This kid is just straight-up licking his hand. Come. On. Kid.

17. This kid can't even climb one branch on a damn tree before totally messing it all up.

18. This kid really shouldn't have been entrusted to carry that box down to storage.

19. This kid who honestly could have made even the slightest contact and the snow would have fallen over, AND YET.

And this is why you should never trust kids to do anything properly.