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    33 Jaw-Dropping Photos To Make You Fall In Love With Contemporary Architecture

    Because there's nothing better than a little architecture porn.

    1. Neue Staatsgalerie; Stuttgart, Germany

    2. Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem; Jerusalem, Israel

    3. Experience Music Project Museum; Seattle, Washington

    4. City of Arts and Sciences; Valencia, Spain

    5. The Guggenheim; Bilbao, Spain

    6. CCTV Building; Beijing, China

    7. Seattle Central Library; Seattle, Wash.

    8. Mediatheque; Sendai, Japan

    9. Jewish Museum; Berlin, Germany

    10. Niterói Contemporary Art Museum; Niterói, Brazil

    11. Beijing National Stadium; Beijing, China

    12. 41 Cooper Square at Cooper Union; New York, N.Y.

    13. Library of Alexandria; Alexandria, Egypt

    14. Opera House; Guangzhou, China

    15. TWA Terminal; New York, N.Y.

    16. East Wing, National Gallery of Art; Washington, D.C.

    17. National Museum of the 21st Century Arts; Rome, Italy

    18. Torre Agbar; Barcelona, Spain

    19. Walt Disney Concert Hall; Los Angeles, Calif.

    20. Lotus Temple; Delhi, India

    21. Gas Natural Headquarters; Barcelona, Spain

    22. Turning Torso; Malmö, Sweden

    23. Therme Vals; Vals, Switzerland

    24. The Mountain; Copenhagen, Denmark

    25. Rolex Learning Center; Lausanne, Switzerland

    26. Burj Khalifa; Dubai, UAE

    27. Bloch Building at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art; Kansas City, Mo.

    28. La Grande Arche de la Défense; Paris, France

    29. Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth; Fort Worth, Texas

    30. Church of the Light; Ibaraki, Japan

    31. Simmons Hall; Cambridge, Mass.

    32. The Dancing House; Prague, Czech Republic

    33. National Center for Performing Arts; Beijing, China