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Improve Your Life In 2016 With A BuzzFeed Life Challenge!

Take control with one of BuzzFeed's lifestyle challenges!

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You know what they say: New year, new you. But if you're having trouble deciding on — and sticking to — a resolution, we're here to help.

Our BuzzFeed Life challenges are short, simple courses that will help you take control of every part of your life, from exercise plans to skin care routines and more.

Plus, we'll send you emails throughout whichever challenge(s) you choose with reminders, encouragement, and words of wisdom to make sure you succeed!

Want to make a New Year's Resolution you can actually keep? We've got your back. BuzzFeed's 4-Week Get Fit Challenge makes it easier than ever to get into fitness, with simple exercise routines that you can do even without needing a gym membership. You'll work your whole body in just four weeks, and we'll send you reminders every few days with specific routines to complete, extra tips, and words of motivation! So no more excuses — because with BuzzFeed's 4-Week Get Fit Challenge, keeping your fitness resolution is easier than ever!

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Better skin in under ten minutes a day: This challenge is a game-changer! Every day, you'll get an email that teaches you one tiny but powerful tweak to your skin-care routine. The tips — developed in consultation with Dr. Adam Geyer, board-certified dermatologist and leading consulting dermatologist for Kiehl's skin care — will be simple to follow, but you'll build positive habits that will make a big change in your skin, regardless of your skin type.

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Waking up in the morning can be a real struggle. But that's all about to change. With BuzzFeed's 2-Week Morning Person Challenge, you'll learn tricks to make your mornings both easier to deal with and way more productive. You'll get advice on how to sleep better, techniques to break your snooze habit, and hacks to help you get so much more out of your mornings. In only two weeks, you'll learn to how to build the habits to turn you into a morning person.

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Better curls in under 15 minutes a day — it's really possible! Every day, you'll get an email that teaches you one small but powerful tweak to your hair care routine. The tips — developed in consultation with Jacquelyn Walent, senior stylist at Devachan Salon and curly hair specialist — will be simple to follow, but they'll make a big difference, regardless of the type of curls you have.

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Only five days to a better email inbox? With our new Inbox Cleanse, you're going to take control of your email. It's not about getting rid of all of your email completely — it's about optimizing your inbox to highlight important messages, improving your communication over email, and cutting down on unnecessary clutter. Each day, we'll give you a simple tip that you can act on, improving your inbox in only 10-15 minutes a day. And the positive skills and habits you learn will help you maintain your inbox's sanity for long after the challenge is completed. Because your inbox deserves good email, and so do you.

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Squats are a staple of any effective workout routine — and at the end of this challenge, you'll be able to do 100 of them! Every week, you'll get an email telling you how many squats to do each day, starting with just 10 and building your way up — plus tips on proper technique from personal trainer Rob Sulaver, C.S.C.S., founder of Bandana Training in New York City. You'll have stronger quads, killer glutes, hammies that know how to work, and a more stable core before you know it.

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Our 5-day course to becoming your dog's best friend includes daily tips, tricks, and suggestions that will make sure your pup is as happy and healthy as can be. We spoke with dog trainer Shelby Semel, Purina veterinarian Dr. Kurt Venator, and veterinarian Michael Woltz to get expert advice on everything from suggestions for bonding time to the importance of monitoring your dog's health. Plus, we've got ideas for DIY toys and treats to keep your pooch entertained even when you can't be with them. By the end of the course, your relationship with your dog will be stronger than ever — and there will be no doubt that you are your dog's best friend.