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    If You Have A Pet That Sheds, This Cheap Brush Will Change Your Life

    No more pet hair covering your entire home.

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    Pets are objectively the best, but pet hair getting everywhere is not. Enter the Chirpy Pets brush, aka the solution you've been looking for to solve the constant layer of hair enveloping everything in your home.

    Pet hair was not an issue I had to deal with until this past year, when my roommate adopted this adorable lil snuggler, Mona Lisa.

    I love Mona Lisa. She's a great cat; she's affectionate and loving rather than aloof and asshole-y. But...she sheds A WHOLE LOT. And that's not exactly my favorite quality of hers.

    (Quick break for a gratuitous shot of Mona looking cute.)

    My roommate and I have tried a few strategies for dealing with Mona's shedding — gloves with rubber tips to catch hair, various brushes, and adopting a posture of indifference toward the cat hairs blanketing the apartment.

    The last one is easier said than done.

    But nothing really seemed to get hair off successfully without annoying the cat so much that she ran away after a few seconds. That's when the Chirpy brush came into my life.

    The first time I used the brush on Mona, I was shocked to see that not only was she not squirming her way out of the situation, but she was actually purring! enjoyment!

    It didn't take much to get the hair off — just a gentle brushing motion — and boy, did it get the hair off. Below is a picture of the hair captured after about 10 seconds of brushing. Use this thing for five minutes and you've got enough excess hair to sculpt an entire new cat.

    Now, is it going to get every single hair? Probably not, especially if your pet is a heavy shedder. But looking at all of the hair I was able to remove from Mona and thinking about how the alternative would have been to have all that hair stuck to my clothes instead, I was quite pleased.

    From now on, we'll be using the Chirpy Pets brush any time Mona (aka Momo aka Mo) looks to be shedding a lot. Which, frankly, is all the time. We love her anyway!

    Get your own brush on Amazon for $14.90 and, uh...feel free to send me pics of your cute pets. Thanks.