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    Reminder: Nothing Will Ever Traumatize You As Much As The "Six Feet Under" Finale

    It's been 10 years since Claire drove away from Fisher and Sons and drove the entire audience to tears.

    On August 21, 2005, the world said goodbye to HBO's Six Feet Under. And while the entire finale was terrific, the final ten minutes were essentially perfect.

    Let's revisit the tears, shall we?

    First, get yourself in the mood by putting on some Sia.

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    Claire is heading off from California to live in New York, but first she has to say goodbye to everyone.

    Claire thanks Ruth for giving her life. Ruth responds that it was actually Claire who gave Ruth life. Right about now is where the tears should be welling up in your eyes.

    And then when Claire goes to take a picture, Nate's ghost appears and gets super philosophical.

    She starts the car. Pops in ~Ted's mix~.

    And you don't even know the journey you're about to be taken on.

    A journey that takes us through the entirety of life and death.

    There are the happy moments — David and Keith getting married, for instance.

    And Claire and Ted's eventual marriage.

    But despite showing its characters achieving happiness (Ruth starts her dog-sitting business!), Six Feet Under isn't about to let us go that easily. Oh, no.

    It's going to take us through the deaths of all the major characters — even if they're grisly, like Keith's.


    Oh, look, a happy scene of Rico and Vanessa taking a cruise. NOPE.

    There's a little humor in the fact that Brenda is basically talked to death by Billy. But the tears are already a waterfall at this point, and there's no stopping them.

    And then we see Claire. Claire, the artist. Claire, the lens through which we've been granted this view into the lives and deaths of the Fisher family. And the one thing that mattered most to her — her sight — has been taken.

    But then, all of a sudden, we're back in the present. Claire is driving, still, all of this beauty and pain still ahead of her, stretching out like an empty highway.

    And it's done. Over. No more Six Feet Under.

    Aaaand my emotions have fully been destroyed.

    Thanks, Six Feet Under, for the most heart-wrenching, touching, and profound ten minutes of television that we will ever see.

    Now if you'll leave me, I have to continue weeping softly to myself.