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How Obsessed With "House Hunters" Are You Actually?

So you think you know your House Hunters? Well, settle into your man-cave, put your feet down on those hardwood floors, and prove it once and for all.

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  1. Check all that apply.

    Check all that apply.

    The first channel you go to when you turn on the TV is HGTV.
    You’ve randomly turned on HGTV and recognized an episode of "House Hunters" you’d already seen.
    You’ve done that more than once.
    You have recognized a realtor from having seen them on another episode.
    You have recognized two realtors from previous episodes.
    Three realtors?
    You know the trick to determining which house they will pick.
    But you don’t really care if the show is “faked.”
    You remember that episode with the guy who needed “comfort-height, elongated toilets.”
    You remember the episode of "House Hunters: Renovation" with Toofer from "30 Rock."
    You know someone who has been on the show.
    You’ve been watching since the days of Suzanne Whang.
    You really miss Suzanne Whang.
    The term “man cave” makes you want to die inside.
    When a couple jokes about how funny it is that a man might need closet space, you cringe HARD.
    You have heard the phrase “open concept” more times than any human being ever should.
    Same with “double sinks.”
    And “hardwood floors.”
    And “stainless steel appliances.”
    But actually, you'd really want a house with all those things.
    You always think about which house you would pick if you were the person hunting that episode.
    And so you judge people when they pick the “wrong” house.
    You feel that "House Hunters: Where Are They Now" is the greatest thing to ever happen.
    Like, you literally audibly gasped when you saw that it was happening.
    You have considered moving to North Dakota because of how cheap it is there.
    You know that “Hawaii Life” And “Living Alaska” just can’t compare.
    "Island Hunters" is OK, though.
    You yell at the TV when a realtor shows them a house that’s at least $100,000 over budget.
    When you enter someone’s house for the first time, you immediately judge their design choices.
    You don't hesitate to tell them how you think their house will do when they go to sell it.
    You’ve yelled at your TV when people start complaining about paint color.
    Your DVR is full of old "House Hunters" episodes.
    You get super giddy and excited when an episode takes place near where you live.
    You’ve tried to do a basic remodel based on something you saw in an episode.
    You’ve tried to negotiate your rent based on knowledge of prices you learned in an episode.
    You’ve designated yourself the official real estate expert in all conversations.
    You consider 10 p.m. to be a sacred hour.
    You would turn down plans with friends to watch "House Hunters" at home.
    You *have* turned down friends just to watch "House Hunters" at home.
    You have no shame about doing so.
    You can’t be friends with someone who doesn’t understand your love of "House Hunters."
    Because "House Hunters" is basically the best friend of all.

How Obsessed With "House Hunters" Are You Actually?

You're not actually all that obsessed. Maybe you watch a few episodes here and there, but you lack the passion that a true "House Hunters" fan possesses. Much like this couple confusedly looking around the bathroom, you're a little out of your element here.

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You're certainly no "House Hunters" newbie, but your obsession still has plenty of room to grow. You could say that your passion for "House Hunters" has got good bones, but could use a little remodeling. (That joke's for free!)

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Yep, you've definitely got a bit of an addiction. You've learned to develop strong opinions about everything from color to countertops and don't hesitate to shout your advice at the TV. "House Hunters" isn't the most important thing in your life, but it's definitely up there.

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You are, without a doubt, completely and truly obsessed with "House Hunters." You've seen hundreds of episodes, sat home on a Friday night just so you could see the latest show, and stayed up late pondering why anyone would ever pick that stupid studio apartment instead of a larger place. "House Hunters" rules your life, and you love it that way.

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