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How Much Do You Love Sleep?

Are you a Reluctant Rester or a Supreme Sleeper?

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  1. 1. Check off all that apply.

    You consider sleeping to be your natural state.
    You prefer to sleep at least 10 hours a night.
    You prefer to sleep at least 12 hours a night.
    If you could, you would literally sleep all day.
    Any less than eight hours of sleep and you just can’t function.
    You know that caffeine is no substitute for sleep.
    Because no matter how much caffeine you drink, you’ll still want to sleep.
    You turn your phone off at night so your sleep goes undisturbed.
    You turn your phone off while taking naps so your sleep goes undisturbed.
    You have missed important texts/calls while sleeping.
    But you didn’t really care because you needed the rest.
    You think there is no wrong time for a nap.
    You would consider taking a job you hate just because the office had a nap room.
    You have napped on the job, even if it isn’t technically allowed.
    Weekends are considered a sacred time for sleep.
    If anyone tries to wake you up on the weekend, you get furious.
    The only thing that gets you out of bed on the weekend is brunch.
    You could take a nap less than five hours after waking up in the morning.
    Less than three hours?
    You’ve woken up, only to go straight back to bed.
    You’re super jealous of animals like sloths and cats that just sleep all day.
    You have a favorite sleeping position.
    And a complete sleeping ritual.
    You hate sleeping with other people in the bed because they disturb your sleep ritual.
    You have at least a queen sized bed because you need all the sleeping space you can get.
    You spend most of your free time on your bed.
    You consider your bed one of your closest friends.
    Honestly, you would probably marry your bed if you could.
    You’ve been able to fall asleep on a plane before takeoff.
    And woken up during landing.
    You can sleep with the lights on.
    You can sleep with loud noises.
    Basically, you could take a nap literally anytime, anywhere.
    You’re neither a night owl nor an early bird.
    Because you’re in bed during both of those times.
    You’ve left parties early so you could go to bed.
    You’ve intentionally avoided a party altogether so you could sleep.
    And you didn’t even feel bad about using “I need sleep” as an excuse.
    You’ve never pulled an all-nighter.
    You’ve never been awake later than 4 a.m.
    Later than 2 a.m.?
    Later than midnight?
    You’re looking forward to old age so you can go to sleep early without anyone judging you.
    You know that sleep isn’t just a physiological activity, it’s a way of life.
    And it’s the life you choose to live, because sleeping is the best.

How Much Do You Love Sleep?

You're a sleep novice. Sure, you sleep every night, but you do it only because it's a physiological necessity. If you had it your way, you would be able to stay up all night doing other things and being "productive" or whatever. Don't overwork yourself. Learn to love the nap.

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You're a pretty average sleeper. You don't love sleep the way some people do, but you're pretty happy with getting your eight hours a night. But after those eight hours, you like to be up and active rather than yearning for bed. You do you.

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You're a pretty great sleeper, someone who understands the value of a good nap every once in a while. You have no qualms about spending a lazy afternoon in bed and are always sure to get at least eight hours of sleep a night. Good for you.

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You are an incredible sleeper, a true lover of the craft. Sleeping is an art form, and you are the master, carefully molding a beautiful work every time you get into bed. Nothing can keep you away from your sleep — that's how important it is to you. Sweet dreams, you marvelous sleeper.

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