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    22 Hilariously Inappropriate Mistranslations

    Because sometimes Google Translate just isn't enough...

    1. Until exploded? You sure?

    2. Yes, this is an ob/gyn department, but this is still a bit harsh, no?

    3. I'm not sure that's such a good mixer for whiskey.

    4. Lots of options to go with that whiskey.

    5. Well I guess you can have some more if you really need it.

    6. Is that part of the cooking process?

    7. Not usually something that comes with hot dogs.

    8. Mom, this is not the day to tell us that.

    9. Wait, where did you put my food?

    10. Yeah, fuck that price.

    11. Finally, no more red ass.

    12. Where all of the chicken murder takes place. At a good price, too!

    13. Well, if it's free.

    14. Agreed.

    15. Time sex? What?

    Flickr: keso / Creative Commons

    16. Thanks for offering a helping hand!

    17. Everyone deserves soup.

    18. If you come to this parking lot, you better really come to this parking lot.

    Flickr: togawanderings / Creative Commons

    19. I actually prefer my crap when it isn't spicy.

    Flickr: togawanderings / Creative Commons

    20. "Soon fuck the sex."

    21. Ball-oon party.

    22. "Bill has a cock. His cock is big."