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    Here Are The Best Black Friday Weekend TV Deals

    TV is great. Saving money is great. Therefore, saving money on a TV is extra great.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Ah, Black Friday. That special day of the year when steep discounts magically turn otherwise well-comported members of society into raging Bargain Monsters stampeding their way through aisles of products in search of the One True Deal.


    But what if I told you there's another way? That's right: You can actually save big money on one of Black Friday's most yearned-for gems — a brand new television set — without even leaving your house.

    ICYMI, we've been reviewing the best products at three different price points on BuzzFeed Reviews and lucky for you, we've already done the ground work to figure out the best flat-screen TVs. And they ALSO all happen to be on sale!!!!


    As far as methodology goes with our TV reviews, we looked at the most common 55-inch classes and series made by different brands. FYI, TV measurements can be a bit misleading sometimes. Of course a bigger screen is going to cost more money, but that doesn't always equal a better TV.

    And what about TV series? A manufacturer will make TVs in a "series" or group of TVs that have the same screen quality at different screen sizes. So you can get the same clarity in the smallest screen as the largest screen in the same series, but the larger TV may have a better overall viewing experience because your whole family can enjoy the picture while sunken into the couch during a movie marathon.

    Now, here are the deals!

    Up to 39% off the TCL 5 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku Smart LED TV as a solid pick for budget-conscious folks on the hunt for something to put in a small apartment or spare room.


    The 5 series was our $ price point pick. Why? The LED screen delivers a sharp, vivid image that puts it miles ahead of other lower-priced models. The blacks were dark and inky, allowing the brighter areas to shine through in gorgeous 4K detail with brilliant colors. It has a true high dynamic range (HDR) picture and has Roku built-in so you don't have to worry about finding a streaming accessory for your new toy. It includes a remote but you can also use the mobile app to stream content to your TV. Other cheaper models lost quite a bit of brightness and color saturation due to off-angle viewing, but the TCL’s LED screen held up no matter where we sat.

    Get the 55-inch from Best Buy for $399.99 (originally $449.99), Amazon for $429.99 (originally $699.99) or Walmart for $429.99 (originally $699.99).

    Check out other sizes on Amazon: 43-inch for $319.99 (originally $499.99), or the 49-inch $399.99 (originally $429.99)

    And up to 22% off the TCL 6 Series 4K Ultra HD Roku LED TV in the 65-inch size because you're craving something a tad bit larger that won't blow your whole Black Friday budget.

    Best Buy

    Like I said up there ^, this is the series 6 of the same TV. We picked the series 5 for BuzzFeed Reviews $ category because it's a tad cheaper but nearly as good. So this is still a solid budget choice!

    Get the 55-inch from Walmart for $629.99 (originally $899.99) or from Best Buy for $899.99 (originally $969.99).

    Up to 46% off a Samsung NU8 Series Smart TV perfect for gamers or people who want tons of smart-TV features.


    As our $$ pick, the Samsung has smart browsing with voice control, ultra-high-definition (UHD) picture, and the simple OneRemote that all come standard. But where the NU8 really blew our minds was the support for HDR 10+. See, HDR 10+, and Dolby Vision allow for metadata to be included in the DVD or streaming content that automatically calibrates your TV from scene to scene as you watch the movie. So jumping from a super bright scene to a super dark scene will look as the filmmakers intended (which is something you won't notice when watching something because it should occur anyway)! Netflix and Amazon both have HDR content, but Amazon claims that its entire catalog is now available in HDR 10+. During testing we watched a few eps of Game of Thrones to test this and the results were spectacular! So yeah, this TV looks *good*.

    Get the 55-inch from Amazon for $747.99 (originally $897.99), or Best Buy for $747.99 (originally $999.99) or Walmart for $747.99 (originally $1,399.99).

    Check out the other sizes on Amazon: 49-inch for $597.99 (originally $697.99), 65-inch for $997.99 (originally $1,297.99), 75-inch for $1,597.99 (originally $2,197.99), or 82-inch for $2,497.99 (originally $2,997.99)

    Up to 23% off the LG C8 Series Smart TV that'll deliver an image so sharp you could cut yourself with it to satisfy movie lovers anyone who yearns for an amazing picture alike.


    Oh big spender, you're interested in our $$$ pick for BF Reviews? This beauty has an OLED screen, which can produce blacks darker than the devil’s shadow and make the millions of colors almost pop out of the screen. It's the next evolution of the LED screen and offers several improvements over both those and LCD televisions, (for more money, of course). OLED (organic LED) screens are LEDs made from an organic compound much smaller than the one used in the standard LED. An OLED screen is thinner, more flexible, and capable of richer blacks but are not quite as bright as LCDs. It comes with its own artificial intelligence technology, which LG calls ThinQ, as well as built-in Google Assistant.

    LG supports Dolby Vision as well as HDR 10+, making it more flexible in terms of options.

    Get the 55-inch from Amazon for $1,696.99 (originally $2,196.99) or Best Buy for $1,699.99 (originally $2,199.99).

    Check out the other sizes on Amazon: 65-inch for $2,696.99 (originally $2,996.99) or 77-inch for $6,996.99 (originally $7,996.99)

    You once you get your new TV:


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    Allison Krausman / BuzzFeed

    This post was adapted from a BuzzFeed Reviews article written by Joshua Yancey. Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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