28 Times Your Love Of Dogs Was Perfectly Captured By The Internet

    Dogs >>>>>> everything else.

    1. When it explained the best way to throw a party.

    2. When it came up with the perfect ranking.

    3. When it understood the importance of having skills for the job market.

    4. When it knew how to keep in touch with old friends.

    5. When it described the only deal you'd want to be a part of.

    6. When it displayed the proper respect for birthdays.

    7. When it summed up your feelings about sports.

    8. When it captured the beauty of the simple moments.

    9. When it described what you do when you're on a walk.

    10. And how little the people attached to those dogs really matter.

    11. When it gave you this multiple choice quiz.

    12. When it perfectly described your feelings about children.

    13. When it summed up your academic goals.

    14. When it understood what it means to have pride in your flag.

    15. When it reminded you not to have unrealistic body expectations.

    16. When it suggested a perfect way to think about your weight.

    17. When it captured the difficulty of saying goodbye to your friend in the morning.

    18. When it came up with this valid estimate of how many dogs you'd want.

    19. When it described your social anxiety.

    20. When it made this accurate point.

    21. When it got philosophical.

    22. When it provided faith in the afterlife.

    23. When it described going for a perfect drive.

    24. When it reminded us of the history all around us.

    25. When it understood the true qualification for what makes a day great.

    26. When it had its holiday priorities straight.

    27. When it looked into the future.

    28. And totally nailed how you hope to be living.

    Because the internet knows the truth: There's nothing quite as awesome being a dog lover.

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