19 Hilariously Inappropriate Spelling Errors That Never Should Have Happened

This is why everyone should carry a dictionary with them at all times.

1. Wow, can’t believe this girl’s misspelling. It’s clearly “family.”

2. Guess that girl’s family isn’t welcome here :/

3. A different kind of farmers’ market.

4. Jeff finally has the job he’s always dreamed of.

KRQE / Via funnytypos.com

5. Probably a pretty accurate description of the high schoolers on the team, to be honest.

Teenage boys, amirite?

6. Oh, cookies smell sweet.

7. Careful with that bowel if you’ve got lactose intolerance.

So my plan was to get a nice big bowl of salad... But somehow that turned into an even bigger bowel of ice cream.

— Michaella (@Mich_aella)

8. He’s in charge of all the straps.

9. You feel…meaty?

Sometimes I just feel so meaty oaker #average

— Tia ✨ (@tortiachips)

10. Misspell “sleuths” one time and suddenly Google starts calling you names.

11. Huh, I didn’t know genitalia could drink Starbucks.

12. That’s not how I remember learning about WWII.

Why y'all acting like the world just now gettin messed up? What about slavery? The hall of cost? Pick up a book

— Chris Holland (@_ChristianH)

13. Just…no.

Why do I always have to help people with down cendrum

— melissa (@DelReyzor)

15. I’d like an oral history of this misspelling.

Lmfaooo so next..the dude so hot... He slanders his own BM by posting a picture of HER givin him #Falayshio lmfaoo

— Mac (@__Mac___)

16. Guess this student was really gassy and couldn’t think of anything else.

Oh, fourteen. I see.

17. OK well I think St. Vincent’s Clay is perfectly nice, but everyone has their own opinion.

18. Good thing this person thought to correct their misspelling of “have” because that’s definitely the only issue here.

19. Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this one.

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