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27 Everyday Situations That Are Excruciatingly Difficult For Shy People

I'll just be hiding over there in that corner if you need me.

1. Seeing someone you know in public and trying to avoid making eye contact so you don't need to talk to them.

2. Getting into an elevator with someone you kind of know, but don't know well enough to feel comfortable talking to.

3. When the phone rings unexpectedly and you have to contend with an entire conversation that you hadn't planned for.

4. Starting at a new school or job and being asked to provide a fun fact about yourself as an icebreaker.

5. The paradox of wanting to find someone to date but being way too terrified to actually approach anyone you see.

6. Online dating is just as nerve-racking and frustrating because you never feel comfortable reaching out to anyone.

7. When your roommate invites their friends over without telling you first.

8. Trying to check if your roommate's guests have left yet without anyone noticing you.

9. When your one friend at the party goes to the bathroom and you don't know what else to do besides fiddle with your phone.

10. Or you're expected to make small talk with the stranger you just met.

11. The terror of being asked to give a presentation at work or in class.

12. When the only contact information you have for someone is a phone number, so you're forced to call.

13. When the Wi-Fi password isn't posted at a coffee shop so you have to go up and ask for it yourself.

14. Literally everything about job interviews.

15. When you go up to the cashier at the supermarket and they start asking you questions.

16. When your hairstylist attempts to make small talk.

17. The terror that happens when your boss asks you to come into his or her office "to chat."

18. When your friend invites you out to meet up with some of his or her friends from work.

19. Arriving late to a party and being way too overwhelmed by the sight of all the people there already.

20. When the salesperson at a clothing store asks if you need any help.

21. When your favorite song comes on and you want to dance, but feel really awkward about it.

22. Pushing your way up to the bar, but then freezing up when the bartender asks you what you want.

23. Being assigned a group project and trying to maintain your composure.

24. When you're invited to happy hour but spend the whole time nursing your drink so you don't have to actually talk with anyone.

25. When your friend throws a birthday party and you have to go even though you don't really want to.

26. When there's no open table at a coffee shop but you're too nervous to ask anyone if you can join them.

27. And when someone who doesn't know you very well asks why you're always so quiet.