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26 Dogs Who Hate Their Halloween Costumes

"I better at least get some damn good candy out of this..."

1. This extremely sullen would-be shark.

2. This dog who is clearly not enthused by the idea of spending an entire night in this panda outfit.

3. This pooch giving ALL the side-eye.

4. This handsome gentleman just pleading with you to end this costume business right now.

5. This dog who doesn't understand your reference and wants nothing to do with it.

6. This less-than-enthused Princess Leia.

7. This pup staring off into the existential abyss that he must suddenly confront because of this costume.

8. This dog who wishes she could click her paws together three times and be rid of this damned outfit.

9. This pretty girl who seriously can't even make eye contact with you after what you've put her in.

10. This dog who doesn't even drink coffee.

11. This utterly distraught pug.

12. This distinguished gentleman who worries that this costume is beneath him.

13. This Frenchie who at least wants some treats for what you're putting her through.

14. This unhappy Piglet who is trying to pull away from you.

15. This pooch who is planning a jailbreak from the confines of this fabric prison.

16. The lovely lady wondering if you will at least take off the costume for her dinner.

17. This dog who doesn't care about your stupid fandom because THIS OUTFIT DOESN'T EVEN FIT.

18. This pup who doesn't care if someone flashes the bat signal, because he's not coming no matter what.

19. This dog looking at you like, "You sure about this? Seriously?"

20. This pretty lady who is fed up with Halloween, Wonder Woman be damned.

21. This pug who can't believe he didn't at least get to meet Drew Barrymore if you're going to make him do the E.T. thing.

22. This guy giving mega stink face.

23. This hamburger with some seriously hauntingly sad eyes (because he's a vegetarian, of course!)

24. This pug attempting to retain some semblance of self-respect but struggling to do so.

25. This dog who is kind of pissed that you didn't even let her be Squirtle.

26. And this extremely pissed off little cowgirl.