A Definitive Ranking Of Dogs Stuck In Couches

    Come on, dogs. Get it together.

    17. Technically stuck *under* the couch, not in the couch — a distinction that drops this pooch to the back of the pack.

    16. Again, this dog suffers on a technicality: stuck between the couch and a human rather than all couch. Still, THAT BELLY.

    15. Weird photo angle. But cute dog.

    14. This is the most adorable look of resignation you'll ever see.

    13. Very interesting decision by this pooch to only get caught in the neck region. The legs can move freely, but the head cannot follow.

    12. A solid dog-stuck-in-the-couch, but nothing spectacular. Great ears, though.

    11. Nice pose, but could be wedged a little farther in between those cushions.

    10. Painfully cute dog makes up for the fact that it seems like the lower body is not actually caught in the cushions.


    8. We're starting to see some really solid technique here. Totally upside down, this dog has really given it all it's got in the pursuit of couch greatness.

    7. This precious pup looks kind of like it's trying to be swaddled by the couch. It actually looks very comfortable.

    6. The great Snapchat Couch Catastrophe. This moment really redefined the role of social media in capturing how dogs get stuck in the sofa.

    5. There's a beautifully forlorn look on this dog's face that says, "Yes, I see what has happened. I accept this."

    4. Not just stuck in the cushions, this dog managed to get stuck COMPLETELY UNDERNEATH the couch. If that's not commitment, I don't know what to say.


    2. The look of pure horror and confusion here is perfect. Bravo.

    1. The ULTIMATE dog-stuck-in-a-couch. Those soft eyes, pleading gently for rescue, are everything. EVERYTHING. This dog is the master.