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    Jul 8, 2014

    A Foolproof Guide To Turning A Rough Day Around

    Everyone has rough days sometimes, but this post is here to help make you feel better.

    1. First, look at this — perhaps the most important picture on the entire internet — and remember that DOGS EXIST!

    2. And since looking at dogs is always a good idea, let's check out these cuties.

    3. And this one.

    4. And this nimble and athletic pup.


    6. If those dogs didn't work, consider attending this, the greatest pool party of all time.

    7. Or try to figure out which one is the real dog and which is a balloon. It's difficult, but you can do it.

    8. Now take a moment to laugh at something ridiculous, like this guy's big blue behind.

    9. Or this kid's accidentally hilarious spelling error.

    10. A corny joke is always a good way to cheer up.

    CBS Television Distribution /

    11. (Seriously, corny jokes are great.)

    (Quick adorable puppy break.)

    12. Now look at this graffiti. It really wants you to succeed.

    13. So does this lawnmower.

    14. And this bathroom stall.

    15. Just look how happy this subway pole is. Be the subway pole.

    16. Moving on: remember, your job could be going much, much worse.

    17. Your desk isn't covered in wrapping paper.

    18. You didn't make this huge mess in the middle of the office.

    19. And you didn't give your business this unfortunate name.

    (Quick adorable puppy break.)

    20. Now look at this elderly couple who still know how to have fun like children.

    21. Remember that someone, somewhere, had this bucket of puppies.

    22. Look at this little guy eating carrots.

    23. Now watch this tiny fella eating a tiny burrito.

    24. And check out this caterpillar having a birthday party.

    25. Most importantly, remember that everyone falls down sometimes.

    26. Even celebrities like Scarlett Johansson.

    Stockpix /

    27. And that it's OK to stumble.

    KOIN-6 / Via
    1. Now take this really easy quiz.


      You are awesome!


    29. And if nothing else has stuck, at least listen to this tiny cactus.

    Because no matter how down you might feel now, you can do it.

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