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    Posted on Jul 7, 2014

    21 Designers Who Totally Screwed Up Their One Job

    I don't think that's how that's supposed to look.

    1. Whoever decided that Donald's head should be facing inwards.

    2. Whoever wanted to go to the 3th, 2th, or 1th floors.

    3. The designer who is just really looking forward to hover cars, maybe.

    4. Whoever is behind the placement of this model's head.

    Where Magazine / Via

    5. The person who created the toaster that really tests your commitment to the 5-second rule.

    6. The designer who forgot what a G looks like.

    Mankato Free Press / Via

    7. The designer who forgot the point of having doors on the bathroom stalls.

    8. The person who designed this store logo and forgot to add in spaces between words.

    9. Whoever decided that this was the best place to put the hook.

    10. Whoever forgot the difference between "push" and "pull."

    11. The designer who forgot how stairways are supposed to work.

    12. The designer who clearly hasn't looked at a compass in a while.

    13. The designer who forgot about what happens when water meets electricity.

    14. The designer at Warner Bros. who only had eight DVD covers to make and still managed to screw it up.

    15. The designer who works in this ndepartment.

    16. The designer who decided that the woman on this tea box should be squatting.

    17. Whoever thought that the people using this pencil wouldn't really want to use the eraser anyway.

    18. The designer of this handicap ramp.

    19. Whoever didn't realize that these praying hands could be misconstrued.

    20. The designer who forgot that punctuation makes all the difference.

    21. And whoever thought it was a smart idea for the slide to go through the elephant.

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