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32 Cats Who Are Way Too Curious For Their Own Good

Get it together, guys. Haven't you heard about what curiosity will do to you?

1. This cat who should have left this toy alone because it's WAY more than he can deal with right now.

2. This cat who didn't realize how close she was to the edge of the sink.

3. This cat getting a little too personal with this piñata.

4. This cat who can't believe she fell for the old stuffed animal trick again.

5. This cat who is absolutely terrified of bananas.

6. This cat who obviously has never heard of taxidermy.

7. This cat who will never try to stick her paw through the blades of a fan ever again.

8. This cat who just CAN'T HANDLE the realities of this plastic bag.

9. This cat who wishes she hadn't examined that bear skin rug quite so closely.

10. This cat who will never use sidewalk chalk EVER AGAIN.

11. This cat who really should have just left sandals to the humans.

12. This cat who just can't even deal with carbonated beverages.

13. This cat who needs to learn to stop trying to micromanage every time his humans cook anything.

14. This cat who shouldn't have offered to help you set up that lamp from Ikea.

15. This cat who has learned he hates the bathtub perhaps more than anything else in the world.

16. This cat who is going to be sticking to her water bowl from now on.

17. This cat who really regrets trying to get to know the new puppies.

18. This cat who knew she shouldn't have wondered out loud what it would feel like to get married.

19. This cat who forgot to unlock the door before he stepped outside.

20. This cat who let his guard down while exploring.

21. This cat who is finally figuring out what that weird black thing on the lawn is.

22. This cat who should not have chased that thing that was going down the stairs.

23. This cat who should probably give up on his model airplane hobby.

24. This cat who should really stick to the ground from now on.

25. This cat who wishes he had just left that strange figure in the doorway alone.

26. This cat who thought she wanted to see where the toast comes from but realizes now what a bad idea that was.

27. This cat who fell for the oldest trick in the book.

28. This cat who now considers this doorstopper his arch nemesis.

29. This cat who will never look at crinkly bags the same way again.

30. This cat who should not have let himself get distracted by a boring old fish.

31. This cat who better hope the repair costs were worth it to see what was going on next door.

32. And this cat who will never trust the laser pointer EVER AGAIN.