We Have A Newsletter About Dogs Now

    We send you a picture of an adorable dog every day. It's as simple as it sounds.

    Does this image of a precious lil pup stir warm feelings inside your heart?

    Do you think "I need more of this in my life" when you look at this sleeping cutie?

    Well then you're going to be THRILLED to hear that BuzzFeed is launching an all-dog newsletter.

    Just sign up for "Dog a Day" and we'll send you an unbelievably adorable dog each and every day.

    You'll get exuberant pooches to help energize you when you're having a rough day.

    You'll get sleepy dogs for those days when you just want to ~chill out~.

    You'll get dogs doing...whatever it is that this pug is doing.

    All the cool kids are doing it — so what are you waiting for?