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22 Boops That Changed The World In 2013

We can never return to a time before these boops. They have truly changed the course of history.

1. The "so close, yet so far" boop.

2. The time this cat got booped by a little ball on a spring.

3. When this cat enjoyed the boop so much that even his eyelids seemed kind of smiley.

4. When this dog was trying to size up the new pup, so he nose-booped him.

5. When this puppy treated her elder with respect by offering a polite boop.

6. The time this elephant booped just a little too hard.

7. This boop that not only melted your heart, but some of the ice these guys were sitting on.

8. When the fourth wall was broken in the name of boop.

9. When this pup booped her older brother.

10. When this cat hopped into bed pretending to want to nap but was there for the boop all along.

11. The boop between these two Michelangelo fans that redefined art history.

12. The boop that was totally worth the climb.

13. The boop that keeps going and going and going.

14. The boop-in-a-box.

15. This wondrous self-boop.

16. This "top of the head" boop.

17. When these two friends engaged in some light head-booping.

18. When this tiny kitten did not shy away from booping this pooch.

19. The boop that totally made this cat's day.

20. The sneakiest boop of the year.

21. The boop that revolutionized Snapchat.

22. And this completely earth-shattering "power off" boop.