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19 Animals Who Can't Believe Their Eyes Right Now

"Is this for real?"

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1. This cat who can't figure out why those goddamn things won't stop spinning.

2. This monkey who can't believe what a bad hair day he's having.

3. This dog who is appalled by what that other driver at the red light is doing.

4. This cat who just saw himself in the mirror and HATES how this new hoodie looks.

5. This cat who is just...she's just shocked.

"There's no way. This can't be happening."

"There's no way. This can't be happening."

6. These animals who can't figure out that THIS IS A MIRROR GUYS.

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This is how mirrors work.

7. This cat who literally can't comprehend the beauty of the pancake in front of her.

8. This dog who can't even fathom how that cat got into the computer.

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9. This pup, who totally thought she had a grasp on her surroundings but is now beginning to question everything.

"You mean the other puppy...isn't real?"

10. This cat who clearly doesn't play video games very often.

It's not real, cat. It's not real.

11. This cat who needs everything to just slooooww dooowwwn.

12. This dog who is astounded by the dental work his friend had done.

13. This bear who CANNOT believe there is another animal so close to him.

14. This cat who sees what you are doing in the bathroom and isn't sure if she should say something to you or just let it go.

15. This cat who is trying to figure out what just happened, but ultimately falls prey to the infinite uncertainty of this vast universe.

16. This cat who is so taken aback by your actions, she doesn't even know what to say to you right now.

17. This cat who is just now catching up on Breaking Bad. / Via

She was probably watching "Ozymandias."

18. This cat who is 97% sure that plastic wrap wasn't there a second ago.

19. And this sloth who's just trying to make sense of it all.

Hmm. What a confounding world we live in.

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