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A Definitive Ranking Of Dogs Wearing Eyeglasses

These are dogs. Wearing eyeglasses.

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21. A solid effort, but the glasses seem to be wearing the dog, not the other way around.

20. The black frames really bring out this pooch's ears.

19. Giving off that "Disappointed Father" look, and it's working.

18. The sunglasses scream ~rebel chic~ but these pups need to push to reach that next level.

16. This pup knows the struggle of having your glasses constantly slipping down your nose.

14. This dog is chill, confident, and stylish. Nothing fancy, but this guy doesn't need it.

13. It's unclear why this guy looks so sullen when those glasses look so good.

12. The hipster look works here, although the hat might be a little much.

10. "I see what you mean, Martha, but I'm just not sure what you want me to do right now."

9. This dog knows how to pick out some good frames. Not too big for the head, and they really bring out those lovely eyes.

7. This lady is bringing the sass, and the ~fun~ pink frames really work for this look.

6. The way the frame color works with the fur is truly a thing of beauty.

4. Literally this dog is cooler than any human will ever be.

3. "Yeah, obviously I heard the latest Arcade Fire album. It's, like...old news already."

2. This dog is like a genteel grandfather who pores over the newspaper each morning while sipping slowly from a cup of Earl Grey tea.

1. The coolest dog in glasses you will ever see. The outfit. The attitude. It's all there.