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It's Not Just Cats That Look Cool On Glass

Having said that, this video still has a cat so don't stress.

AdamCox17 • 3 years ago

Burrito Bats Are A Thing In Australia

Actually, they're just normal bats dressed like burritos...but boy are they cute.

AdamCox17 • 4 years ago

10 Practical Jobs For Wombats

Wombats are actually the multiskilling experts of the animal kingdom.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Oh, You Don't Like Bats? When Did You Discover You Were A Monster?

Let Ruby the flying fox show you why bat love is pure love.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Need An Energy Boost? Add One Box, A Bundle Of String And A Sprinkle Of Kitten.

Watch Ralphee the kitten come close to exploding with joy when encountering a box for the first time.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

A Dog Has Befriended A Disabled Kitten And It Is Beautiful

Ralphee the kitten has feline cerebellar hypoplasia which makes balancing a challenge, but life's a breeze when you have a friend like Max.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Meet The One Critic You'll Actually Like

Pablo the Critic Pug makes boring food fun.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Ok Internet, Let's Find A Home For Chester

Chester is an Irish Wolfhound mix in Australia who was born without complete front legs. That doesn't stop him from being completely awesome.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Tree Kangaroo Joeys Will Explode Your Heart

If you've never seen tree kangaroo joeys before, get ready get punched in the face with cuteness.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Who Wants A Puggy Christmas?

Everyone. That's who. These Christmas Pugs could win the grinch over.

AdamCox17 • 5 years ago

Showdown. Ginger Cat Vs The Paper Army

After losing one civilian too many, the Paper Army are taking the fight to the cats home turf! Who will win this household war?

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Toy Critic Pug Is On The Job

Queenie the toy testing Pug is a consumate professional. She just has a problem with furbys & llamas. Evil ones.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Baby Tasmanian Devils Are Surprisingly Adorable

Australia breeds the cutest milk-suckling marsupials in the southern hemisphere. Period.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Will A Lion Play With A Ball Of Yarn?

This is my ball of yarn. There are many like it but this one is mine.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Food Critic Pug

Pablo the Pug is a professional food critic who travels the world testing his sensitive palate at the most prestigious restaurants across the globe.... Well, soon anyway.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Meet Blossom, The Sweetest Little Powderpuff With Wings

This rare Australian bat is like an adorable bush fairy with fur, bulging eyes, and a freakishly long tongue. But give her a break, she's just been through rehab.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Farmyard Puppy Can't Stop Puppying

Move over Dora, there's a new explorer in town: Winkles the Shar Pei mix!

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Pug Vs. Spider

Pablo the Pug faces a dangerous enemy. In this epic confrontation between house dog and arachnid only the strong will survive.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago

Dog Loves His Lion Buddy

Honey the dog and Kwanza the white lion cub are the best of friends.

AdamCox17 • 6 years ago