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    11 Smurfingly Bad Puns In "The Smurfs 2"

    "I feel like Meryl Smurfenstreep!"

    It is really hard to dislike the Smurfs. They're so smurfing adorable!

    But The Smurfs 2 is smurfed to the smurf with smurf-related puns — these are the worst offenders:

    1. "It has 101 likes on Smurfbook!"

    2. Said to a kissing human couple: "Hey, get a schroom!"

    That actually has a (hopefully unintended) double meaning!

    3. "I was like Meryl Smurfenstreep!"

    4. "I call that crêpe smurfsette!"

    The movie is largely set in Paris — which makes this line even more of a groaner, if possible.

    5. "Smurfatunities!"

    As in "opportunities." Right.

    6. "Smurfholm Syndrome!"

    Wait, does that mean Smurf Village is like a Swedish bank?

    7. "I made you your favorite [cake]: blue velvet!"

    Yet another accidental association with something decidedly un-Smurfy.

    8. "He's blue-tiful!"

    Oddly, the very worst puns aren't smurf-related at all. They're the result of Gargamel turning Neil Patrick Harris' stepdad into a duck. (Look, just go with it.)

    9. First of all, there's this one.

    Look, Vanity Smurf, calling attention to the pun doesn't really make it any better.

    10. Then there's what Neil Patrick Harris tells his step-dad after he sets a flock of ducks free from a French kitchen: "What are you, Martin Luther Wing?"

    But the absolute worst of the worst occurs right after NPH's stepdad becomes a duck.

    Prepare yourself.

    Here it comes...

    11. "That was ducked up!"