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Inside The New Trippy "Doctor Strange" Footage

And even more footage from the Marvel Studios film debuted at Comic-Con.

The second trailer for Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange debuted at San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, and there's no other way to put this…

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But the Comic-Con audience was treated to even more footage from the film.

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Yes, it was even more of a treat than shirtless Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch).

(Warning: The following description contains some SPOILERS beyond the film's trailer.)

Director Scott Derrickson first debuted a lengthy scene depicting the first time Dr. Strange meets the Ancient One (Tilda Swinton).

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Beforehand, in the panel for Doctor Strange, Swinton obliquely addressed the criticism the film has received for the decision to cast Swinton as a character who has traditionally been depicted as an Asian man. "Any of us could be the Ancient One," she said. "The Ancient One is a title."

The scene also kind of confronts the issue from a different direction. When Karl Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) tells Strange he's going to introduce him to the Ancient One, Strange at first balks at the name, presuming the character is male.

"The Ancient One?" Strange asks, skeptically. "Really? Does he have a real name?"

Then, in a room with several other people, Strange mistakes an older Asian man with a long beard to be the Ancient One, and is startled to realize it's the quite bald and pale person played by Swinton instead.

At first, Strange — a world-renown surgeon whose hands were horribly damaged in an accident — is only concerned with how the Ancient One managed to help a paralyzed person walk again.

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"He couldn't walk — I convinced him that he could," says the Ancient One. "What if I told you that your own body could be convinced to put itself back together in all sorts of ways?"

"You're talking about cellular regeneration!" said Strange. "That's bleeding-edge medical tech!"

As the Ancient One's spiritually driven perspective becomes clear to him, however, Strange brashly dismisses it. "I do not believe in fairy tales about chakras or energy or the power of belief," he says. "There is no such thing as spirit! We are made of matter and nothing more."

Then the Ancient One punches Strange's astral form out of his physical form, which, naturally, comes as something of a shock to him.

"Why are you doing this to me?" he manages to say once he's returned to his body.

"To show you just how much you don't know."

And then things get really trippy after the Ancient One touches Strange's forehead and sends him into an explosive kaleidoscope of psychedelic imagery that seems destined to make Doctor Strange a new stoner classic.

The clip then segued into an extended version of the film's trailer. The footage especially spent more time depicting Wong (Benedict Wong), who in the film serves as a kind of "drill sergeant" for Strange, as the actor put it in the panel.

Marvel Studios

"And you're?" Strange asks him.

"Wong," says Wong.

"Just Wong?" Strange says with a chuckle. "Like, Adele? Aristotle? Eminem?"

Wong remains stone-faced.

When the footage — nearly nine minutes long! — was finished, Cumberbatch seemed to be the person most affected by it.

Marvel Studios

"I'm a little bit shocked, sorry!" said Cumberbatch, holding up his quivering hands. "I've got the Strange shake back again!"

Doctor Strange is scheduled to open Nov. 4.