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15 Really Effed-Up Moments In "Evil Dead"

The makers of this hard-R horror remake did not hold back at all. Warning: REALLY GROSS SPOILERS AHEAD, though a lot of it was in the red-band trailer.

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2. When Eric (Lou Taylor Pucci) reads aloud from the Book of the Dead, even though someone has written "do not read aloud" in the book.

Kirsty Griffin

You can tell from his glasses and beard that he's an academic, so he's spent much more time reading musty books than watching horror movies. Bad call, buddy.

3. When the unleashed demon chases Mia (Jane Levy) and vomits a bloody vine, which enters her body through her nether regions.


The next five entries involve some MAJOR PLOT TWISTS. So stop here if you don't want to be spoiled any further.


11. When Mia is brought back to life, and she is totally OK.

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Her brother David just can't bring himself to mutilate her body, so he buries her alive to break the curse, and then brings her completely unharmed body back from the dead with electric jolts from a car battery. It's actually kinda moving.

12. When it starts raining blood.

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Unfortunately, David's efforts are in vain. The curse is fulfilled after David sacrifices himself to kill a demon-possessed Eric (just go with it), unleashing a torrent of blood, not to mention a bloodthirsty demon girl. Fun fact! The real-life forest where the film was shot was stained red for weeks after these sequences were filmed.