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    3 Things We Learned From The New "Wolf Of Wall Street" Poster

    Nice loafer!

    The newest poster for director Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street — based on the real-life exploits of big-living stockbroker Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio in the film) — is debuting exclusively on BuzzFeed:

    It is an unusual poster, to say the least, and also, an illuminating one. We've learned three things from it.

    Paramount Pictures

    1. At some point in the film, Belfort and his close collaborator Donny Azoff (Jonah Hill) see something that makes them gape with amazement.

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    Given the sunglasses and bright yellow wall in front of them, they're probably not amazed by illegally abundant financial returns. At least, at this particular moment in time.

    2. Jonah Hill's role is big enough that he's getting above-the-title billing along with DiCaprio.

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    There's awards talk brewing about Hill's performance as a supporting actor. And the other posters for the fill feature DiCaprio solo above the title. So Hill's placement here is something of a surprise!

    3. And finally, Jonah Hill's character loves his white Gucci loafers so much, he doesn't deign to wear them.

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    It is a beautiful shoe. Why bother wearing it? He probably has a "wearable" pair of Gucci loafers anyway.

    But, wait. Where is the other shoe?! Is it on his other foot? Has he lost it? Did the wolf of Wall Street eat it?!

    Oh, wait. Of course. He lost it dancing.

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