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26 "Holy Crap" Moments In The New "Man Of Steel" Trailer

General Zod wants Kal-El (i.e. Superman), and he's not afraid to rip Metropolis apart to get it.

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The new Man of Steel trailer is packed with "holy crap" moments, but they all go by so quickly!

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So let's take 'em one at a time!

1. Holy crap! That oil rig is exploding!

And Superman (Henry Cavill) is shirtless! Well, it looks like it's before he becomes Superman, when he's just Clark Kent, shirtless do-gooder. But we'll take it.

2. Holy crap! Who is this figure with the terrifying skull mask?!

It's almost certainly General Zod (Michael Shannon). We can't see his face under that mask, but he's probably not too pleased.

Yup. It says "LexCorp" on top of that building. Holy. Crap.

LexCorp, of course, plays home to the most famous Superman bad guy, Lex Luthor — who isn't supposedly in Man of Steel. Most curious. A set up for the sequel?

18. Holy crap! Zod has heat vision!

OK, we knew that already. He's from Krypton and possess the same powers that Superman has on Earth. But it almost seems like Zod is discovering his heat vision for the first time.

Seriously, that thing looks so menacing!

Also, it's basically impossible to understand what is even happening in these shots. But at least in the second one, we know Superman has the sense to fly away from this thing.

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