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    26 "Holy Crap" Moments In The New "Man Of Steel" Trailer

    General Zod wants Kal-El (i.e. Superman), and he's not afraid to rip Metropolis apart to get it.

    The new Man of Steel trailer is packed with "holy crap" moments, but they all go by so quickly!

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    So let's take 'em one at a time!

    1. Holy crap! That oil rig is exploding!

    And Superman (Henry Cavill) is shirtless! Well, it looks like it's before he becomes Superman, when he's just Clark Kent, shirtless do-gooder. But we'll take it.

    2. Holy crap! Who is this figure with the terrifying skull mask?!

    It's almost certainly General Zod (Michael Shannon). We can't see his face under that mask, but he's probably not too pleased.

    3. Holy crap! That scary ship is hovering right over Metropolis!

    It looks almost like a giant space garden weasel. But, you know, terrifying.

    4. Holy crap! Those asteroids (missiles?) are crashing into Metropolis! that...?

    Yup. It says "LexCorp" on top of that building. Holy. Crap.

    LexCorp, of course, plays home to the most famous Superman bad guy, Lex Luthor — who isn't supposedly in Man of Steel. Most curious. A set up for the sequel?

    5. Holy crap! That ship is tearing through the Metropolis skyline.

    6. Holy crap! Can General Zod wield flame?

    Or is he just whacking that flame away from him?

    7. Holy crap! Superman is flying through that collapsing building!

    This is when the goosebumps started for me.

    8. Holy crap! That tri-pod ship is enormous!

    I take it back. That looks like a giant space garden weasel. (Did I mention garden weasels freaked me out as a kid?)

    9. Holy crap! Superman just punched Zod into a train!

    This shot is the one that reminds me the most of the Superman/Zod battle from 1980's Superman II.

    10. Holy crap! That ship is boring down into the city!

    You gotta imagine the pilots of those fighter jets know they are doomed.

    11. Holy crap! Zod just punched Superman into the pavement!

    12. And now Superman is...coughing up blood? Holy crap!

    13. Holy crap! Zod's henchwoman Faora (Antje Traue) just got shot in the eye!

    And she's not even fazed.

    14. And now someone (Zod?) just attacked a fighter jet?! Holy crap!

    Man, those pilots got the raw deal.

    15. Holy crap! And now a jet is crashing into Metropolis!

    Maybe the pilot ejected beforehand? I'm really worried about these pilots, everybody.

    16. Wait, and now Superman is sinking into a pile of skulls? Holy crap!

    17. Holy crap! That ship just flew through a super-huge fireball!

    Or maybe the ship created the fireball? Either way, this shot is the most explode-y yet.

    18. Holy crap! Zod has heat vision!

    OK, we knew that already. He's from Krypton and possess the same powers that Superman has on Earth. But it almost seems like Zod is discovering his heat vision for the first time.

    19. Holy crap! Is that Lois Lane (Amy Adams) in a space helmet?

    20. Holy crap! Some flaming wreckage just fell on...Superman?

    It looks like the same shirtless Clark Kent from earlier, but it's hard to be sure.

    21. Holy crap! What is that snake-y arm?!?

    Seriously, that thing looks so menacing!

    Also, it's basically impossible to understand what is even happening in these shots. But at least in the second one, we know Superman has the sense to fly away from this thing.

    22. Holy crap! Zod just thwacked Superman's head like a baseball!

    23. And now Superman is really upset! Holy crap!

    His super-pain looks like it's about to burst the super-vein in his super-forehead.

    24. Holy crap! That planet (?) just exploded!

    Did we just see Krypton go kablooey?

    25. Holy crap! Superman is heat visioning all over the place!

    26. Holy crap! Superman is DEALING OUT THE PUNISHMENT!

    Boom. Man of Steel.

    I'm exhausted.

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