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    What Happened To Melissa McCarthy's Face In The UK Poster For "The Heat"?

    She looks...different.

    This is Melissa McCarthy in The Heat, a buddy cop comedy co-starring Sandra Bullock (left) that opens in the U.S. on June 28.

    20th Century Fox

    This is Melissa McCarthy on the UK poster for The Heat, which opens there July 31.

    Notice anything different?

    Again, this is McCarthy in The Heat.

    Gemma La Mana

    This is McCarthy on the UK poster.

    The Heat...

    The UK poster...

    Getting the (unnaturally altered) picture?

    Yup, McCarthy's face and neck appear to have been drastically altered.

    Even her eye color seems different.

    Neither 20th Century Fox nor McCarthy's rep have responded to requests seeking comment.

    And it's not like McCarthy looks all that natural in the U.S. poster either...

    It's just that the entire poster has been highly stylized.

    Alas, this isn't the first time this has happened to McCarthy. This was her solo character poster for Bridesmaids, before she was a bona fide movie star.

    At least we know the secret of McCarthy's sudden change in appearance.

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