Joss Whedon's Updates For 5 Big Projects

    There are several projects Whedon’s been attached to since joining the Marvel Studios fold, directing 2012’s The Avengers and the upcoming sequel Avengers: Age of Ultron. The filmmaker gives BuzzFeed News his updates for all of them.

    Big Giant Me EP

    Dr. Horrible 2


    Con Man

    Firefly star Alan Tudyk launched a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign for this web series, based on Tudyk's experience as an actor on a beloved cult favorite sci-fi TV show that was canceled well before its time. (Sound familiar?) Fellow Browncoat Nathan Fillion will also star and produce. Whedon has endorsed the project, but he's got to be on it, right?

    "Well, I hope I'm involved! I think I'd rather play the guy who canceled it. I think that would be hilarious. Just, like, bitter. Constantly justifying himself. 'This is a business! I had to do it!'"


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