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    Jesse Eisenberg Will Play Lex Luthor In Superman/Batman Movie

    And Jeremy Irons will play Bruce Wayne's butler Alfred.

    Jesse Eisenberg will play Lex Luthor, Superman's classic arch-enemy, in the new, untitled Superman-Batman movie, Warner Bros. announced on Friday.

    Although Lex Luthor did not appear and was never mentioned in 2013's Man of Steel, Luthor's company, LexCorp, did make a brief cameo in the film.

    LexCorp. has traditionally been a global conglomerate in the many different iterations of Superman in popular culture, and if that remains the case in the sequel, it suggests that Eisenberg's 30-year-old Lex Luthor did not build the company on his own. Perhaps he inherited it from his father, Lionel Luthor, a character first introduced in the 2001–2011 TV series Smallville?

    Actor Jeremy Irons, meanwhile, will play Alfred, the loyal butler to Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman (Ben Affleck).

    Here now, courtesy of BuzzFeed Community member amberbynature, is what Eisenberg might look like with Luthor's iconic chrome dome.