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    How To Cope With The Death Of "Happy Endings"

    The series is officially gone for good. Will life ever be as bright again?

    So Happy Endings is officially dead.

    After ABC canceled the show in its third season, Sony Pictures Television tried mightily to keep it alive.

    An attempt to move it to USA Network had promise, until suddenly it didn't.

    And after the USA deal fell through, Sony TV could not find a suitable home before the cast's contract options expired on Monday.

    It's over.

    We're all going to have to learn to live without one of the best shows on TV.

    It will be tough.

    We may lash out at those who matter the most to us.

    But it won't bring the show back.

    We may hibernate in a cocoon of denial in the futile hope that it will all be OK.

    Or try to drink away all our bottomless feelings of grief and remorse.

    Or disappear into the sweet, sweet slumber caused by black market Mexican cough medicine NocheTussin.

    But it won't bring the show back.

    So we are going to buck up.

    And realize there are plenty of other TV shows in the world for us to enjoy.

    And when all else fails, we can just do as Alex Kerkovich does.

    And live in a world of blissful, blissful ignorance.

    See? Isn't that better?

    Yup! It is so much better.