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    The Internet's New Favorite Meme Is From "Captain America 2"

    Watch out, Captain America — HYDRA is everywhere! SPOILERS!

    Warning: The following post contains Captain America: The Winter Solider spoilers (and maybe spoilers for a couple other things). Read at your own risk.

    In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, we learn that the evil organization HYDRA has infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D. in a vast, far-reaching conspiracy.

    At one point in the film, Senator Stern (Garry Shandling) whispers, "Hail HYDRA" to S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Sitwell (Maximiliano Hernández), and even World Security Council head Alexander Pierce (Robert Redford) says the words aloud.

    Naturally, the internet has had some fun with this.

    It seems HYDRA's tentacles have stretched as far as Westeros.

    I saw this suggested in the #HailHydra tag. Guess Tony wasn't the only Stark being targeted by Project Insight! #GoT

    And Gotham City.

    Easily my new favorite meme #HailHydra

    And into the far reaches of space.

    Alright, I'll get on this bandwagon too. Am I hip? Does this mean I'm relevant with young people? #HailHydra

    And into the world of Walt Disney Animation…

    …where classically handsome men of stature are not to be trusted.

    I knew it! RT @agent324b21: Hans, u traitor!! #HailHydra @MingNa @clarkgregg @ChloeBennet4 @Lil_Henstridge

    HYDRA was there in the Bible.

    .@GManFromHeck @clarkgregg #HailHydra

    And HYDRA has invaded the NFL.

    The real reason why they are so successful...#HailHydra @clarkgregg

    HYDRA has permeated American politics, be it Republican…

    This might be my favorite meme #HailHydra


    Someone sent this to me... #HailHydra @clarkgregg

    …or fictional.

    Well then, just thought I'd leave this here. @clarkgregg @ChrisEvans @CaptainAmerica #HailHydra #CaptainAmerica

    HYDRA's presence proves certain characters really do have nefarious motivations.

    What Bedelia really said to Will Graham... #HailHydra #Hannibal

    Or that one really should not trust a talking ape.

    Let the @CaptainAmerica #WinterSoldier memes begin! #HailHydra

    HYDRA has even wormed its way into the most unlikely of places.

    Now we know when Black Widow first encountered Hydra. #HailHydra @clarkgregg @ChloeBennet4 @MingNa @IMBrettDalton

    Or random.

    They have taken over the puddin pops!!! @clarkgregg #HailHydra

    Or adorable.

    The best one im seen yet LOL #HailHydra

    Or upsetting.

    Oh no! Not Thomas, Toby and Percy! #HailHydra

    Apparently, no one is safe from HYDRA's grasp.

    Well, almost no one.