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    Yes, "Gone Girl" Has Penis

    "The penis is in there!" said Ben Affleck. Talking about it, however, is a big, fat SPOILER, so consider yourself warned.

    Merrick Morton / 20th Century Fox

    Ben Affleck, Patrick Fugit, David Clennon, Lisa Barnes, and Kim Dickens in Gone Girl.

    Neil Patrick Harris in Gone Girl.

    Let's not mince words: Not one, but likely two penises show up in Gone Girl, director David Fincher's feature adaptation of Gillian Flynn's best-seller.

    Star Ben Affleck admitted his penis makes a "very brief" cameo in a recent interview with MTV. "The penis is in there!" he said. "It's IMAX penis. … You should know it was very cold. A very cold set."

    The context behind Affleck's nudity requires some tricky spoiler avoidance, since the scene in question comes at the very end of the movie. It references a specific sequence in Flynn's novel, although it unfolds a bit differently in the film. Suffice it to say, Affleck disrobes completely for the scene, which also involves a shower, and Affleck's penis does appear briefly, from the side. So it is not so much full frontal as it is full side-peen. If such a thing exists.

    Watch the full exchange with Affleck here:

    There is another celebrity penis in Gone Girl, but discussing it in any real detail means spoiling a major plot point in the film. If you do not want to be spoiled, don't read further.

    This is your last SPOILER WARNING.

    OK. So. Earlier in the film, Neil Patrick Harris' character, the opulently wealthy Desi, also disrobes for a shockingly intense sex scene with another character. At the end of the scene, Harris is splayed completely nude on the bed, shot from above. The nature of the scene means that his penis is somewhat difficult to make out, but several BuzzFeed reporters who have seen the film are certain there is full NPH peen. (When reached by BuzzFeed News, a rep for Fox said the studio "cannot confirm or deny" the appearance of Harris' penis, and a rep for Harris did not immediately respond to a request for comment.)

    To be fair, there is also some female nudity in the film, from co-stars Rosamund Pike and Emily Ratajkowski. But male nudity, especially from the front, is still a far less common event in major feature films, especially by major stars. It should be noted for cinematic peen posterity.

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