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    Posted on Jun 14, 2013

    11 WTF Moments In The Trailer For The Survival Thriller "Killing Season"

    Let's start with John Travolta's beard.

    The new trailer for Killing Season, a thriller starring John Travolta and Robert De Niro, just premiered online.

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    The film opens in theaters and is available for VOD on July 12.

    The trailer is filled with WTF moments. Let us count the ways.

    1. Soooo, WTF is going on with Travolta's beard?

    Is it in competition with his hair?

    2. And WTF is with Travolta's Russian accent?!

    At least it's obvious* now why he's got the crazy beard.

    *Not obvious at all.

    3. Oh hai, Milo Ventimiglia. WTF are you doing here?!

    4. Hey De Niro — Travolta just shot several arrows at you. I think he wants you dead. WTF.

    5. Also, WTF are you doing jogging? Did you not see the arrows pointed at your head?

    6. OK, maybe you didn't, because it appears these arrows can travel through time. WTF?

    7. Oh, wait, Travolta is Serbian, not Russian?

    So why is that a big enough deal that we're learning about it in the trailer? WTF?

    8. This entire sequence...WTF?

    9. WTF, now De Niro is torturing Travolta?! Wait, is De Niro the bad guy?!

    10. Hello, man who's been hunting me and is now guzzling my best bottle of wine on my porch.

    Let me shoot an arrow not at you, but at my wine. Because priorities.


    11. Wait, this is directed by the guy who wrote Grumpy Old Men? WTF!

    So maybe this is actually a Grumpy Old Men remake, but with... Serbians and arrows.

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