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    Posted on Apr 18, 2013

    10 Surprising Foods You Can Get At Movie Theaters

    The cineplex is no longer just a place for popcorn, hotdogs, candy, and a soda. We sampled some of the most surprising foods at CinemaCon, the movie business convention in Las Vegas.

    1. Hummus

    Adam B. Vary

    Yes! Hummus! In a movie theater!

    2. Milk

    Adam B. Vary

    OK, it's mostly flavored milk, but still — milk! At the movies!

    3. Juice

    Adam B. Vary

    More healthy options for the whole family — although it does have just about as much sugar as soda-pop.

    4. Fruit smoothies

    Adam B. Vary

    I sampled the mango. It was pretty delicious.

    5. Cotton candy in a bag

    Adam B. Vary

    Although the Hello Kitty branding is sort of gilding the lily — or sweetening the giant cloud of sugar, as it were.

    6. Cupcake-flavored popcorn

    Adam B. Vary

    I know! From the fine folks at Popcornopolis, it's actually just popcorn coated in white chocolate and sprinkles, but it sure does taste like a cupcake.

    7. Self-serve milkshake blending machine

    Adam B. Vary

    You even get to select how thick you want your shake. If I wasn't lactose intolerant, I would spend all the money to have one in my house. (As it is, I downed four pills for just a few drags off that super-thick chocolate shake above. F'real, y'all.)

    8. Chili powder lollipop

    Adam B. Vary

    It was described to me as "spicy and sour," and after sampling the cherry flavor and nearly inhaling my cheeks, I would agree. It also comes in mango, cucumber, and chamoy flavors.

    9. Takis and Salsaghetti

    Adam B. Vary

    "Salsaghetti," in case you were wondering, is straws of watermelon-flavored candy sprinkled with tamarind sauce. It is a most unique experience.

    These both came from the same booth as the chili powder lollys above, and it was one of the most well visited booths I saw at CinemaCon. Which makes sense when you learn that, per capita, Latinos are more likely to actually go to the movies than any other ethnic group.

    10. White Castle

    Adam B. Vary

    Too late for Harold and Kumar, but not for you.

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