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    31 Ways You Know You're DEFINITELY a DC Native

    "Wind me up Chuck!"

    1. You constantly use the word "Bama".

    2. The word "young" is a verb, noun, adjective and more.

    3. You get turned around in areas you used to know well because so much has changed. (i.e- Columbia Heights, Navy Yard, Waterfront)

    4. Stand on the right and walk on the left is more of a law than a suggestion.

    5. You refer to the entire Northwest quadrant as "Uptown".

    View this video on YouTube / Via Bob Smoke TV

    Yall know we all felt like we arrived when this song dropped!

    6. "The WHARF" describes the entire Southwest Waterfront even though the actual fish market is only about .2 miles long.

    7. You've never actually purchased shrimp from the shrimp boat.

    8. But you do know someone that purchased clothes from there.

    9. The billboard top ten is ok but you would rather party to the Go Go version.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Allan.f

    10. You have been to Unifest, DC Carnival, Zanzibar, H20, the Ritz, DC LIVE, Hogates, The 930 club, The Black hole or the Icebox.

    View this video on YouTube / Via EZ street

    And every act started with the "We ain't gonna have no beef today" speech before actually preforming. because they knew exactly what was up.

    11. You have culture shock, when you see white people dance to go-go.

    12. You passionately debate with fellow natives about the best/worst: carry out, go-go band, bus line and train line.

    13. But we can all agree that even if a Zombie apocalypse happens, you can still catch these bus lines to anywhere in the city: 70, X2, P12, 80.

    14. You remember listening to the LIVE squad or Big Tigger after school.

    15. But older natives remember Petey Greene.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Robert Beacham

    Petey showed us all the proper way to eat Water Melon

    16. We were all sad when Donnie Simpson left.

    17. But when he returned DC felt like home again!

    Too much fun! @mymajic1023 @COMICCOP @Chillerspeak

    Welcome Back Donnie!!!

    18. You love the new stores in your neighborhood, but side eye the new people.

    19. You hope the newbies never figure out how to get around DC without using the main corridor streets (K St, NY Ave, Florida Ave).

    20. Madness, WE R ONe, DDTP. You know exactly what these things are.

    21. You don't understand why so many people are in line at Ben's Chili Bowl.

    22. You partied at Howard, even if you never went there.

    23. You shopped at Landover, Forestville, Pg Plaza, Greenbelt and Iverson mall.

    View this video on YouTube / Via Everybodywalk

    And you're shocked that 4 out of 5 of those relics are still standing! Yeah Iverson is still open and apparently our grandparents go there to work out.

    24. Wale is the best rapper.-OR- Wale is trash.

    25. You've gotten used to the inaccurate portrayals of DC on TV and Film.

    Fake "Cathedral Heights" Metro stop in House of Cards was actually Baltimore's Charles Street stop

    WTF is Cathedral Heights?!?

    26. You think &Pizza should have been here a long time ago. But Jumbo Slice is your first [pizza] love.

    27. You will not accept the term "DMV" unless it's referring to licensing and registration.

    28. You think Mumbo Sauce should be in the Smithsonian, along with Chuck Brown, Marion Barry and Cool Disco Dan.

    29. You still slip up and call the "Wizards" the Bullets.

    30. You are both offended and proud to be referred to as a "Native"

    31. But at the end of the end of the day you love your City. Even if you've moved away your heart will always be in DC!

    And to all the newbies...

    View this video on YouTube / Via Mambo Sauce Band

    Welcome to DC! Please treat her right.