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    13 Of The Most Random Christmas Rap Songs Ever

    "Get lit like a Christmas tree." —Fiend

    1. Snoop Dogg, "Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto"

    Death Row records / Via

    Most Merry Lyric:"Santa Claussssssss is coming straight to the ghettooooooo." —Nate Dogg

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    Death Row Records / Via

    2. Busta Rhymes feat. Jim Carrey, "Grinch"

    BustaRhymesFlipmode / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "This is a Flipmode Squad/Jim Carrey collabo, now what?!?!?" —Jim Carrey

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    youtube.comŠárka Lakotová / Via youtube.comŠárka Lakotová

    3. Fiend, "Christmas Tree (Lit)"

    Jet Life Recordings & Street Customs Management / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "Light up that sweet, sweet tree." —Fiend

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    4. 69 Boyz, "What You Want for Christmas" / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "And if it ain't too much to ask, could you leave me a little bit extra cash / Because I ain't gonna lie, all the Christmas lights got my light bill high!" —random member of the 69 Boyz

    Sidebar: Probably the greatest Christmas music video I've ever seen!

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    5. Lil' Meta featuring Gucci Mane, Montana Da Mac, and Waka Flaka, "Grinch Stole Christmas"

    Warner Bros. Records / Via DEEZY

    Most Merry Lyric: "The Grinch stole Christmas, Gucci just stole 80 pounds." —Gucci Mane

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    6. Westside Connection, "It's The Holidaze"

    Priority Records / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "It's Ice Cube, you call me the Grinch / Got ya Christmas list but I ain't buying you shit!" —Ice Cube

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    7. Juelz Santana and Starr, "Jingle Bellz"

    Dipset records / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the wayyyy / Oh what fun it is to drive a Phantom and a Bentley." —Starr

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    8. Ludacris, "Ludacrismas"

    Warner Bros.

    Most Merry Lyric:"I tell 'em all I want for Christmas is two gold front teeth / And 10-carat diamonds on a fat gold wreath / That I could wear around ma neck, get money in respect / Tell Santa Claus to bring a $10 million check." —Luda

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    9. Troy & Abed's "Jehovah Witness Rap" (from Community Season 3)

    NBC / Via

    Most Merry lyric: Abed: "What if you were a Jehovah's Witness that was merely pretending to be into Christmas? Gathering clues and blending in to take down the holidays from within?"

    Troy: "You mean like a spy investigating? Making it seem like I'm celebrating when actually I'm infiltrating Santa's operation?"

    Abed: "YOIP!!!"

    View this video on YouTube Pictures DVD / Via Pictures DVD

    10. DMX, "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"

    Power 105.1 / Via

    Most Merry lyric: "Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, you'll go down in historyyyyyyyyy, WHAT!!!" —DMX

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    11. Riff Raff & Kid Sister, "Kris Krangle" / Via

    Most Merry Lyric:" Pull up in the Bentley sledge, Kris Kringle / Get it popping like a pringle, what's the jingle?" —Riff Raff

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    12. Ying Yang Twins, "Carol of da Bellz" / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "It’s Christmas night, time to hit the club / Get a stack of ones, show the girls some love / Taking off their clothes, working on the bubble / Droppin' it to the floor, get your Christmas dough / Can you touch your toes, make your booty roll? / Call me Santa Claus, can I get a drink?" —Ying Yang Twins

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    13. Run the Jewels, "A Christmas F*cking Miracle"

    Run The Jewels / Via

    Most Merry Lyric: "How you raise a whole human single parent, no marriages, no sense of heritage / Planned Parenthood helping plan miscarriages / But I'm lucky Mommy already had a narrative." —Killer Mike

    Yes, this song is surprisingly deep for a Christmas track. But it is pretty dope!

    View this video on YouTube / Via

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