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12 Life Lessons The Barbershop Taught Me

So many important life lessons learned from the Barbershop

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1. The barbershop taught me to stay alert.

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Life will present you with challenges so always be on your p's and q's. Don't sleepwalk through life, or it will certainly slap you in face. Be prepared and ready for whatever comes your way.

2. The barbershop keeps me informed on all the latest political scandals. / Via tumblr_ma9kcgw36N1qfrkf9o1_500.gif

Usually coming from a gentleman with a name like "Brother Furious Confucius X." You know, the brother who is the DEEPEST conspiracy theorist in the shop. You can find him sitting at the chessboard screaming about anything to do with the Illuminati, reminding us that we must always be mindful of the brilliant plot to use Jay Z and Beyoncé's music to establish new world order. #WakeUp

3. The barbershop taught me to take it slow.

Life is like a glass of wine; you have to savor it, sit down, and smell the roses. This is apparently true for my barber because it usually takes him over an hour to cut my hair. In between stopping to talk on the phone, comment on the crazy movie playing in the shop, or just to talk trash in general, a haircut can be a slow process.

4. The barbershop also taught me you can't rush perfection. / Via Instagram: @cregdavid_sameperson

I mean come on!


5. The barbershop taught me that life is about choices, and the choices we make can have a lasting impact. / Via http:////

Don't choose the wrong barber! Scan the room, take your time, and make the right choice! A jacked-up hairline can have an everlasting impact on your entire life! Trust me.

6. The barbershop taught me to not take life so seriously.

Life is short, so make sure you have fun with it.

7. The barbershop taught me the art of debate. / Via

President Obama recently spoke about listening to people who disagree with you and embracing debate. I'm pretty sure he learned this in a local Chicago barbershop. Stand firm, present a strong argument, and don't back down! When trying to determine the superior chicken spot, rapper, hood movie, ball player or how much Benzino's net worth is, you MUST always stick to your guns.

8. The barbershop taught me how to be financially responsible.

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Saving money is important. Never buy off impulse, always remain patient until you get the perfect deal — even if that deal fell off the back of a truck.


9. The barbershop taught me how challenging leadership can be.

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Point out the most stressed-out guy in the shop and you more than likely pointed at the lead barber. This is the guy who keeps everything in line. The cool barber, the lazy barber, the barber who everyone hates on, this guy (or lady) keeps them all in check. I admire this level of leadership. They are super human!

10. The barbershop taught me countless lessons on love and dating in general.

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Tell me this isn't good advice right here!

11. The barbershop taught me about the importance of community. / Via Instagram: @blackmeninfocu

Community is important. Having a safe place where you can go laugh, complain, yell, celebrate, and more is vital. We all need this because we all need each other. I actuallly learned this at the barbershop.

12. The barbershop is my mecca! / Via Instagram: @whitesbarberco

What on earth would I do without it?